UMICH/ MSU Tailgate 10/15
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Who We Are
The Vietnamese Student Association is an student organization at the University of Michigan. We promote the awareness of Vietnamese culture through various organized events, such as our annual Dem Vietnam culture show, and monthly mass meetings filled with fun and innovative activities that try to get members to be excited about learning Vietnamese Culture. We enjoy being involved in the APIA and Umich Community. VSA is more than a student organization, we are a family.

What do we do?
Promoting and educating Vietnamese culture through our mass meetings, as well as having food events like Pho Night. Aside from the culture experience we strive to give, from time to time, we also love to break out our dancing shoes for our annual Halloween Club Night! Outside of the official VSA events, members and board get together to go to any event on campus. We study together. We're a family that does a little bit of everything together.