Welcome to ACC 651 Intro to Tech and Algorithmic Thinking: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Quantum, AI

Welcome to one of the most beautiful subjects on the planet Earth, where every species thinks algorithmically. Unlike most mathematics, whose spectacular beauty can be seen only after years of study, computation can be appreciated by all. Nothing here is therefore copyright, so share it all with your loved ones.

How seriously have you thought about algorithmizing your daily activities from your job to school to laundry to money to dating to ...? E.g., quick quiz: What is the value of rearranging 3, 1, 5 in the correct ascending order to 1, 3, 5? If your answer is less than ten trillion dollars, you have not thought seriously about algorithimizing your daily needs!

This is the first video YouTube ever put out. Could you have predicted its future from this video?

Have you heard of EXCITE? Well, they passed on a chance to buy Google for $750,000 (Google originally wanted $1M but came down). How about Blockbuster Video (now dead) passing on a chance to buy Netflix for $50m? In both cases, these companies did not think algorithmically. EXCITE didn't realize how efficiently Google's method would scale to a large internet. Blockbuster didn't realize Netflix had managed to build a mega videostore clerk who could handle everything from scheduling, shipping, and giving personalized recommendations to millions of customers. In one stroke, Netflix's electronic megabrain outdid the brains of countless videostore clerks! Now Tesla is building a similar megabrain that will instantly drive millions of cars. This is why everyone from Ford to Gucci is algorithmizing everything in sight.

Similarly for social issues from poverty to supression of dissidents! Algorithmic thinking has revolutionized both these activities. See the hot new war startup, and the farming startup.

The Syllabus with class timings and other information is here.

The slides in Powerpoint format.

A piece of C code from an FB PM interview.

A cool gif! Exponentials rule everything from lifesex to the growth of a baby's brain to cancer to social networks to Berkshire's stunning 2 million percent 50-year return. That is, $10,000 would become $200,000,000! But we are emotionally constructed to think linearly, not exponentially.

Why should you take this class instead of just reading the slides above? In theory, a good online library is all you need. But the reality is that there are many subtle aspects of your own thinking that you can resolve only by sharing them with a superb group of graduate students, who will then give you amazing illumination. My class is not me monotonously reading out slides to gagged students, but an open forum for active discussion and listening.

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