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UM-SSSCR is a student network dedicated to the advancement of stem cell research through awareness and exposure to the field.


University of Michigan — Ann Arbor Chapter

The Student Society for Stem Cell Research was founded in August of 2003. We are an international network dedicated to the advancement of scientific research for cures. We believe that stem cell research will revolutionize the field of medicine. With a coordinated and cooperative global effort, we can advance stem cell research in the most efficient manner.

SSSCR’s ideals are:

1. Humanity: commitment to making this world better by alleviating human suffering.

2. Unity: stem cell research will be optimized with global cooperation among nations and diverse interests, including industry, academic, government, and society.

3. Service: we have the opportunity to help those with debilitating conditions, their family, and their friends by advancing medical research.

4. Vision: our generation’s passion and ambition for regenerative medicine is unparalleled.

5. Healing: stem cell research offers hope for millions of people that otherwise would have none.