The flower and the blossom are both universal symbols of young life. Flowers are associated with the SUN, because the arrangement of its petals is reminiscent of the shape of a STAR; they may be innocent representatives of spring, or they may designate lust and the realm of the erotic. They are transitory, evoking a certain "joie de vivre," or an understanding of the fragile quality of childhood. The flower is often a representative of beauty. The color of the flower often has a great deal to do with the symbolism it carries; red is love and passion, white is innocence and blamelessness.

Virtue, goodness and purity are three widely associated traits. However, it can be temptation as well: proverb "Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under't." Love, especially feminine, with the vulva and virginity - a girl is deflowered when she loses her virginity. Scattered flowers often mean joy, especially in context with rosebearers of a wedding.

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