The bull is usually related, in its solar sense, to the masculine, strength, the SUN, and KINGLY power. Horns are seen as the sun-bow, shooting its ray-arrows. Is a God to a great many ancient cultures.

But the bull can also be a lunar symbol, when ridden by a MOON goddess. In this context the bull usually has the meaning of the taming of masculine and animal nature. Its horn, in this case, are seen as a moon-shape. It is connected with humidity and rain. In Egypt, it is a passive power as opposed to the active LION. Together with the solar connotation, represents earth and the underworld, fertility and reincarnation, often connected with the wandering souls of the dead.

In general, shows fecundity, protector qualities, sacrifice, chastity and patience. Many of its body parts, especially the tail, foot and hide, are also symbolic of special powers, fertility and land respectively. In the zodiac, the sign of Taurus represents the sun and the spring.

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