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General Information:
Year Released: 1970
Country: US
Director: George Lucas

Movie poster from THX-1138, featuring an image of one of the police robots.

THX-1138 is a film with an utterly dismal vision of the future. THX-1138 is a man who (along with his roommate) stops taking his medication and begins to feel emotions and question his oppressed existence. Together, they attempt to escape the tyranny of robot-controlled society, but discover there is nowhere to go.

The Promise of Science: Robots

The robots in THX-1138 are also made in the image of man. Instead of imitating a single human, they are built to resemble police men. There are hundreds of them in this film, and they all look and act the same. Their appearance is fitting since they are the physical enforcers of the oppressive rules of a future post-apocalyptic society. These machines have a very limited scope, and do not appear to be able to think for themselves. They are stupid and clumsy, and are therefore easily thwarted by humans seeking to escape from this society.

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