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Homunculus (Die Rache Des Homunkulus)

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General Information:
Year Released: 1916
Country: Germany
Director: Otto Rippert
Literary Source: Robert Reinert, Homunculus

Homunculus (Die Rache Des Homunkulus) a six-part series totalling 401 minutes.

The Promise of Science: Man Made Life

Homunculus is a significant Frankenstein-inspired movie, where a monster is created in the image of man and is both intellectually and morally proper. Homonculus functions normally in human society, until he discovers that it was created and not born naturally. Since he is stronger than most humans, he has little trouble establishing himself as a ruthless dictator of mankind. He is eventually stopped by lightening. Homunculus is the longest film of this type yet, running 401 minutes in 6 parts.

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