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Destination Moon

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General Information:
Year Released: 1950
Country: US
Director: Irving Pichel
Literary Source: Robert A. Heinlein, Rocket Ship Galileo

Destination Moon is a depiction of the first moon landing, not to happen in real life until 1969. In fact, most people still believed that the idea of travelling in space, even to a destination as close as the moon, was completely far-fetched. This film is a good measure of how SF film changed over the years, as it is the same subject matter as Le Voyage Dans la Lunes and Die Frau Im Mond. Unlike Melies' film, Destination Moon is serious, scientifically correct and realistic, as a great amount of attention was paid to technical detail. A box office success, Destination Moon kicked off the 1950's SF film boom.

The Promise of Science: Space Travel

Destination Moon is a depiction of the first moon landing, 19 years before the real-life event. It is more serious than the films that come before it, and attempts to be even more scientifically correct and realistic. Fantastic events such as those found in Woman in the Moon are non-existent in this film.

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