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Oil, Nukes and Democracy in U.S.- Iran Relations
The University of Michigan
Fall 2006

The Residential College | Center for Middle East and North African Studies

Credit:  3.0
Course numbers: MENAS334 | RCSocSci360 | AAPTIS 364 | HISTORY 334
Time:  Tuesday & Thursday, HH:MM - HH:MM
Place:  Residential College, Room 126 East Quad; 701 E. University St.
Instructor:  Tom O'Donnell
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  E-mail:  twod@umich.edu
  Office: 6 Tyler, RC
  Office Hours:   TBA. HH:MM - HH:MM+ AM

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Course description:

What is the U.S.-Iran crisis about? This seminar course examines the background and daily developments of the crisis in U.S. - Iran relations. We most especially study the history and political-economy of Iran within the oil order since 1900, and examine Iran's nuclear program, and its rights and apparent intentions in light of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as Vs. the positions of the U.S., E.U.-3, Russia, India and China at the IAEA and UN.

We also examine the history of U.S. relations with Iran since WWII, and especially since the Iranian Revolution, and the policies of the national Republican and Democratic Parties, neo-cons, etc. We study Iran's policies and relationship to the U.S.-British occupation of Iraq, the Palestinian-Israeli question, relations with Saudi Arabia, E.U., China, India, and other states. In addition, we will examine the internal economic, political and ideological policies of the mullahs' regime, of the Ahmadinejad government, and of the previous government of "liberal reformers," and look closely at examples of resistance and mass struggles by students and others who favor a democratic transformation of Iran. Throughout the semester, we will very closely follow and discuss daily developments in Iran - U.S. relations as they unfold. See HOMEPAGE: http://www.umich.edu/~twod/iran

- REQUIREMENTS: Read, prepare and participate actively in discussions; occasional written summary-of-research reports, midterm, and final research paper.

Books will all be available at
Shamann Drum Books, State Street just north of North University St., second floor.

Required text and books Author Cited herein as Comments
The Iranina Labyrinth, First edition, 2005. Dilip Hiro [Hiro05] Author is a journalist who has visited Iran at least 14 times to report for British, U.S. and Canadian newspapers.
Blood and Oil : The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum (The American Empire Project), Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt Co., 2004) Michael T. Klare [Klare04] Author is director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass.
The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power,1993, 1991 Daniel Yergan [Yergan93] Author is president of Cambridge Energy Associates, Cambridge, Mass. An eight-part PBS mini-series based on this book was made in 1992.
America's Oil Wars, 2004 Stephen Pelletiere [Pellet04] Author is former chief CIA analyist during Iran-Iraq War, and taught at U.S. Army War College 1998-2000.


Activity Points
Research teams and research e-logs (blogs)  13
Class participation & prep  33
Midterm  20
Research paper (& possible final presentation)  33
Total: 100
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Speaker Topic Date
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Video Topic, reference Date
Hudson Institute, Conference: "Saudi Arabia in Crisis" 09jul04 "The Implications of Saudi Arabian Oil Declining," talk by by Matthew R. Simmons, oil industry financial analyst, Simmons & Company International. C_SPAN video link T.B.A.
2006 Left Forum; at City College of NY (CUNY) Graduate Faculty, NYC. Feb05 "Geo-Politics of Oil," Panel with T. O'Donnell, Michael Klare & Michael Tanzier; organized by Union for Radical Political Economy. video recording T.B.A.

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