Midlife Renaissance is an enterprise For people in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond who are seeking to re-imagine and perhaps repurpose their lives. As time passes, midlife individuals might find themselves in a rut, doing the "same-old-same-old", and desiring inspiriting and revivification. Alternative, organizational, corporate and personal changes may leave individuals adrift without established anchors and goals. Still others may want to "kick it up a notch" in terms of their life activities.

For whatever reason, individuals with these interests may find the programs of Midlife Renaissance to be use. Founded by 4 Principals, Monica Law, Doreen Murasky, Penny Tropman and Lisa Tulin-Silver, MR provides five pathways to explore in this new journey through a variety of venues (workshops, small groups and individual consultations) Midlife Renaissance can assist individuals seeking pathways to renewal. The Path of Connection to Others The Path of Physical Well-Being The Path of Beliefs, Guiding Principles and Spirituality The Path of Creativity The Path of Purpose, Contribution, and Leadership. Jeff Tulin-Silver, MD and I are associates of MR, lending our specific expertise to particular paths and venues. For more information contact the website or email Midliferenaissance.com info@midliferenaissance.com

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