The Meeting Masters Research Project:
I am involved in looking at those individuals who run excellent meetings, and I continue to extract their "best practices". Several of my publications report results of this research.

The Executive Calamity Project::
Here I focus on those executive who "flame out". I am very interested in why high success is, on occasion, associated with spectacular failure. There are many hypotheses available, from the power corrupts idea to psycho biological ones, and many in between. All seem to have some applicability, and it is exciting to try and sort through this 'mess'.

The CEO Tracker Project::
Here I am seeking to develop a measure of what makes a truly successful CEO, in both the profit and nonprofit worlds, and to track them over time.

The Catholic Ethic Project::
Funded in part by the Lilly Endowment, this project explores the idea of a Catholic Ethic as one of several religious based belief systems which might stand in juxtaposition to the Protestant Ethic. I suggest that religions may be "labels" for deep-structure value systems which compete in the world, and in some sense, balance each other off. If that is true, then one reason religions develop is to provide a values counterbalance to extant religiously legitimized ones. The problem with religious legitimation of core values is that it tends toward the exclusive; one would not think one could be "somewhat Protestant" and "somewhat Catholic", but that is possible if one looks at the value systems alone.

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