This is the place to find outside information that S.P.E.A.K. members personally recommend for those struggling with eating disorders and for friends and family members of those with the illness. If you have a book that helped you conquer eating disorder obstacles and you would like to share it with others here, contact us at with the title, author and a short summary of the resource.


Some of these books may contain religious references.

Hope, Help, & Healing for Eating Disorders: A New Approach to Treating Anorexia, Bulimia, and Overeating
Author: Gregory L. Jantz, PhD.
Eating disorder specialists recommended this book to me. It is a GREAT source of exercises and worksheets that promote self-awareness and self-control of onešs inner voice. It helps to promote recovery from eating disorders by reshaping interpersonal growth in a positive direction, towards self-confidence and repairing negative body talk. This book has helpful descriptions and narratives to aid those in recovery day by day.

Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia
Author: Marya Hornbacher
This is a heart-wrenching and articulate autobiography of a girlšs persistent struggle with eating disorders that almost ended her life. It is a wonderful read that reminds and informs all who read it about the true hell of life with an eating disorder.

The Thin Woman
Author: Helen Malson
This book is discusses and informs about the societal structure that promotes the prevalence of eating disorders in the world today. With case studies and personal quotes from victims themselves, the analyses and commentary reach every person who has ever struggled with eating problems and/or negative body image.

Reviving Ophelia
Author: Peggy Orenstein
The chapters of this wonderful book inform both parent and child about the hardships of adolescent years. Concentrating on issues that young girls encounter, the book helps us understand the realities of teen angst and how to resolve conflicts between parent and child. There is a particular emphasis on self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, self-confidence, control issues, and gender issues. This book is highly recommended by S.P.E.A.K. members, professors at the University of Michigan, and eating disorder professionals. Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and Food Author: Margo Maine, PhD. Recommended to many S.P.E.A.K. members during recovery, this book is extremely informative for father/daughter and mother/daughter issues that emerge with eating disorders and food issues. It discusses inter-family relationship conflicts that have been found at the core of many eating disorders, and suggestions to ameliorate the discord to help repair dysfunctional and unhealthy family relationships as part of the road to recovery.

Desperately Seeking Self: An Inner Guidebook for People With Eating Problems
Author: Viola Fodor
As a small, convenient read, this book is an inspiration to those who control stress and pressure in their lives with food. The chapters are filled with personal stories of struggle and triumph, and it provides helpful tips for getting through the obstacles of life without using food as a numbing controller. Within the pages are many exercises and ideas for renewed self-control and self-exploration that are a great help to those straining to recover from an eating disorder. ***For those with an eating disorder or body image issues, it is recommended to avoid fashion, fitness, and beauty magazines, as well as television shows that promote unhealthy images of ultra thin women. These media sources cause hurtful damage to onešs self esteem and the prevalence of grossly thin women can only serve to help girls and women feel badly about their body image.

Courage in the Kitchen: A Self-Help Cookbook for Making Friends with Food
Author:Tina Martini, Lindsey Hall, Linda Hall
For people who struggle with eating and weight problems, a healthy relationship with food depends on gaining confidence in the kitchen. This book serves up tasty recipes using wholesome, healthy ingredients and presents important nutritional information. Unique to this book are inspirational and encouraging messages to help readers change the act of eating from a confusing burden to a simple joy.
Available May 10, 2001


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