The solidarity work we participate in is significant for the strengthening of our local community and the personal development of members of SOLE. Various organizing drives, strikes, and protests have been attended and advertised for unions, workers, and community and student organizations.

This will continue to be part of our struggle as long as you have issues we can support. We look forward to learning more about your cause and offer as much energy as we can when you most need it- just contact us.

The best way to stay informed about local and international soldiarity events is to get on our announcement list. During peak time, we send an average of one email a week highlighting events in the community that people can attend. You can sign-up here.


[-] examples of what we're involved with:

Last semester, the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) had a work stoppage when the university bargaining team walked out of negotiations over disputes for child care benefits. Early the next day, SOLE members were on the picket lines and encouraging our peers to skip classes.

This summer, the Sweatfree Communities organization started organizing in Michigan. You can read about their goals and strategy on the website. SOLE members attended the kickoff rally in Lansing and are organizing to address the Ann Arbor city government about becoming a sweatfree community!

In the future, SOLE is looking forward to networking with more student and community organizations through groups such as the newly founded Progressive Alliance. Already a member of the Inter-Humanitarians Council, SOLE thinks student power is best achieved when we're talking with our peers and finding out how we can support all struggles for justice in our community.