More Links___________________________________________

[-] National Organizations
+usas [the national student organization that we are affiliated with]
+wrc [the official website of the Worker's Rights Consortium]
+fla [the official website of the Fair (Free?) Labor Association]
+fla watch [group created to monitor the actions of the Fair Labor Association]

[-] University of Michigan
+u of m [the official gateway for all university sites]
+michigan daily [student newspaper]
+ls-hr [site for the advisory committee on labor standards and human rights]
+ginsberg [the ginsberg community center]
+ctools [SOLE members click here to sign into our resource site]

[-] Ann Arbor Area Community Organizations
+leo [the lecturer's employee organization, a union on campus]
+geo [the graduate employee organization, a student union on campus]
+icpj [interfaith council for peace and justice]
+peaceworks [the anti-war organization of michigan]
+wcwc [the washtenaw counter worker's center]

[-] Miscellaneous
+arblogger [a blog that covers ann arbor politics from the left]
+justice clothing [a sweatfree clothing company, good for ordering a lot of shirts]
+northland poster collective ["where social justice meets art"]
+the bees [traveling art collective. they use insects.]
+soa watch [a protest at the school of the americas sole members tend to go to]