History and Photos___________________________________

Here you can find the pictures and press-makings of SOLE since 2006.

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[-] Sweatshop Mock Fashion Show

10.19.06 [view photos] [view press]

Armed with microphones, sarcastic scripts, and (borrowed) U of M apparel, SOLE members strutted their stuff through the DIAG while announcers discussed worker issues. Students stopped on their way to class to take information from the co-sponsor, Women’s Forum, and many signed up for more information about the solution to the university’s use of sweatshops.


[-] Tea with DSP at the President’s Office

10.06.06 [view photos]

For the release of the revised Designated Suppliers Program (DSP), SOLE decided to take a more serious approach than a dance party. We delivered the updated document to President Coleman’s secretary, (since Coleman was too busy to meet), and then we invited everyone in the office to sit down for tea and discuss the changes made to improve the program. Many of our friends came to learn more and enjoy the pleasant leather furniture and office plants.


[-] Dance-In at the President’s Office

09.14.06 [view photos]

It was a beautiful fall day, and SOLE members wanted to deliver a letter requesting a meeting with President Coleman. Why not have a chill dance party and a little fun in the process? Members put on their hippest ‘80’s gear and mixed a tape of “Earth Wind & Fire”, and then we showed the administration how to get down with Sweatfree.


[-] Festifall

09.07.06 [view photos]

During the annual university-sponsored student organization tour, SOLE members decided to approach our peers in a different way- with scissors. The educational project we created required gathering shirt tags to tack onto a large world map, and we also handed out information about the Sweatfree Campaign. Another kick-off for the semester included two DIAG boards with the new promotional slogan of “got sole?”.


[-] Sweatfree Rally

03.25.06 [view photos] [view press]

A large showing of student and community support for the Sweatfree Campaign was evident on the steps of the Union as students, professors, and community organizers spoke out in favor of a “Sweatfree University”. Red armbands were visible throughout the crowd as proof that many had fasted in solidarity with workers during the day. The rally concluded with participants leaving chalk messages for the administration on and around the Flemming Building.


[-] Naked Action with the Rugby Team

03.11.06 [view photos] [view press]

Despite the frosty weather, members of the university’s rugby team and SOLE stripped down with hopes of sparking conversation through the controversial action. The group stood outside the Flemming Building holding signs proclaiming “I’d Rather Be Naked”, implying that wearing nothing in the middle of winter is better than wearing U of M clothing that is made in unsafe conditions.


[-] USAS Sweatshop Speaker Tour

02.12.06 [view photos] [view press]

Two sweatshop workers, Siti from Indonesia and Branice from Kenya, shared their experiences at several universities during the United Students Against Sweatshops annual tour. SOLE was lucky enough to host them at an event titled “Sweatshop Workers Speak Out: Voices Behind the Logo" at the Michigan Union. Both women inspired us with stories of their struggles for dignity and belief that the Sweatfree Campaign is exactly the sort of solidarity they need.