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  • Wednesday, August 25, 1999 -- 18:20:59 (EDT)
    Name: Matt Armfield -- Email: marmfiel
    Location: Grand Rapids, MI USA
  • Guess what? The guestbook is now acting the way it's supposed to be! Sorry for the trouble. Anyway - keep checking back here for the NEW and IMPROVED ~smile webpage - ready to take us into the 21st century!! =)
  • Participating in K-grams? = Just a little bit
  • Favorite Joke = Why did the coach flood the gym?? Because he wanted to send in a sub!!!!

    Saturday, August 07, 1999 -- 06:20:00 (EDT)
    Name: Rishi -- Email: rmoudgil
    Location: Ann Arbor!, MI! USA!
  • K-grams International baby! See you all in Houston and beyond... I love this program and all you dedicated people behind it. :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = YEAH!
  • Favorite Joke = uhhhhhh

    Thursday, July 29, 1999 -- 00:14:09 (EDT)
    Name: Matthew Comstock -- Email: comstock
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • Get ready for Houston Baby!!! It's going to be a blast!

  • Participating in K-grams? = YES!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Wednesday, June 23, 1999 -- 14:42:43 (EDT)
    Name: Ricky Martin -- Email: Viva
    Location: , Peurto Rico
  • K-grams is the best organization ever! I love it even more than singing!
    Go Grams!

  • Participating in K-grams? = YEAH BABY
  • Favorite Joke =

    Monday, June 21, 1999 -- 13:30:52 (EDT)
    Name: Elena Marin -- Email: emmarin
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • K-grams is the sweetest thing on campus. Everybody is so awesome...I can't wait for Kids-Fair 2000. Everybody should buy this years sweet t-shirts!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yup
  • Favorite Joke = Why did the UofM students cross the road?? To get to Kids-Fair!! (Original, eh?)

    Friday, April 30, 1999 -- 10:38:46 (EDT)
    Name: Lee Ann Benkert -- Email: benkertl
  • K-grams is sweet.

  • Participating in K-grams? = definitely
  • Favorite Joke = It's still the "nacho cheese" joke from our last newsletter. It is the funniest joke in the world...

    Tuesday, April 27, 1999 -- 16:27:49 (EDT)
    Name: Steve Yeager -- Email: syeager
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • K-grams here, everybody come and get your K-grams. Seriously, sign up to be a part of an ultra sweet program for the 99-00 year. Don't miss out!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yup!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Thursday, April 22, 1999 -- 17:37:47 (EDT)
    Name: Laura Kiesler -- Email: lkiesler
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • K-Grams was so much fun and I loved the Kids Fair! It was so amazing to finally put a face on the child who has been writing me all year. He was hystarical. All we made was slime (which he told me later his mother loved). With so many different activities it was a great time! It's been a fun year and I can't wait until it happens all over again!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yes!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Wednesday, April 21, 1999 -- 09:19:48 (EDT)
    Name: Gina Chiasson -- Email: gchiasso
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • My little girl is so cute!!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke =

    Tuesday, April 20, 1999 -- 22:39:39 (EDT)
    Name: Mel Benkert -- Email: benkerm
    Location: Minneapolis, MN U.S.A.
  • Hey, there from Minneapolis, Minnesota! I just wanted to let all of you know who are participating in K-Grams that you are AWESOME! What you do for kids is so amazing. And to think that you all volunteer your energy and time is also to be admired. I wish you the best in the days to come and I look forward to my frequent visits to your website. You truly do bring a smile to our faces :)

    P.S...Hello, Pamela :) Thinking about you . . .LIV

  • Participating in K-grams? = Not currently
  • Favorite Joke = The-bees-are-on-the-what-now?

    Wednesday, April 14, 1999 -- 23:56:33 (EDT)
    Name: Libby Larsen -- Email: larsene
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • ...So there we were, sitting on the floor of Oosterban, my sweet little pen pal Alison (who happens to be the best pen pal ever), her mother, and I, lost in conversation. All of a sudden I was overcome with awe, appreciation, and gratitude for the simplicity and beauty of the picture. I got that tingly feeling, maybe you can relate, when you know there is goodness in this world. I live for that feeling, and I thank any of you who helped to make that possible for so many people at Kid Fair. Kudos all around. :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = Gratefully
  • Favorite Joke = If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

    Tuesday, April 06, 1999 -- 11:28:22 (EDT)
    Name: Mrs. K.
    Location: Ann Arbor, Mich
  • Rishi (?), Thank you for sharing your dream!! All the children enjoyed writing to the students and especially partying with them. They wanted to plan another one and another one and, well you can guess!! Each of you provided the children with a purpose for learning to read and write.
    Please continue the dream. Forever grateful, Mrs. K. and kids.

  • Participating in K-grams? = Class
  • Favorite Joke =

    Friday, April 02, 1999 -- 16:31:06 (EST)
    Name: Greg Orilla -- Email: gorilla
    Location: Dearborn, MI
  • I had a marvelous time at the Kids-Fair! I am not really affiliated with the K-grams group at all, but I can tell that you are very fun (and dedicated) people... I would love to help plan all your exciting events for next year! I'm signing up right now on the webm, so talk to you soon.
  • Participating in K-grams? = i guess!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Sunday, March 28, 1999 -- 23:42:44 (EST)
    Name: Sergio Negrin -- Email: snegrin
    Location: Elizabeth, NJ USA
  • You guys at the U of M continue to just rock!!! I'm thinking of you out there!! Keep up the GREAT work! - Sergio Negrin, Past International Trustee
  • Participating in K-grams? = wish I could!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Sunday, March 28, 1999 -- 00:15:33 (EST)
    Name: Elena Marin -- Email: emmarin@engin.umich.edu
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Two-Words: KIDS-FAIR!!! It was so awesome, I'm so glad I got involved. I loved it and thanks to everyone who made it so great!!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Of Course!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Friday, March 26, 1999 -- 08:39:31 (EST)
    Name: John Lee -- Email: leejd
    Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA
  • What an awesome program! I am a Faculty Advisor for a Circle K Club in Wisconsin, and I am certainly going to suggest to the club's incoming board that they check out your program.
    From what I have seen on your website (another awesome job), you have set up an excellent model program, and it would be great if this concept would expand throughout CKI! It certainly fills the goal of "Focusing on the Future: Children."

    Great job!

  • Participating in K-grams? = No
  • Favorite Joke =

    Friday, March 26, 1999 -- 01:29:45 (EST)
    Name: Catherine Heitchue -- Email: heitchue
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • You guys have set up a wonderful program! I'm very impressed by all the responses and the web page. Is there any way for off campus students to participate?? I hope you're able to keep it up!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = nope =(
  • Favorite Joke =

    Wednesday, March 24, 1999 -- 15:39:44 (EST)
    Name: Matt Comstock -- Email: comstock
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

    I can't wait to see all the kids! See you all at Oosterbaan :)

  • Participating in K-grams? = YES!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Tuesday, March 09, 1999 -- 19:09:18 (EST)
    Name: Artist Formerly Known as Prince -- Email: prince
  • I'm just proud to say that I was visitor number 1999! Isn't that amazing? I also wanted everyone to remember to party like its 1999 at the Kids-Fair, and that I am excited to perform there! Till doves cry...
  • Participating in K-grams? = soon enough
  • Favorite Joke =

    Tuesday, March 09, 1999 -- 18:23:52 (EST)
    Name: Sarita Warrier -- Email: swarrier
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Just writing to finish the joke... it's a bit more detailed than what's written, but you can embellish it where you want...
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke = The giant would come down from the clouds, kick the Trids, and they liked it. A Rabbi dressed as a Trid, but the giant said, "Silly Rabbi, Kicks are for Trids!"

    Tuesday, March 09, 1999 -- 18:17:19 (EST)
    Name: Sarita Warrier -- Email: swarrier
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I wanted to add my favorite joke, and just let everyone know that I'm so excited about meeting my awesome pen pal at KID'S FAIR 99!! I just hope the snow stops by then!! :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = YEP
  • Favorite Joke = This is a long one, but one I just love...A long time ago, in a land far away, there were two villages in a valley. In one village lived the Trids, and in the neighboring village there lived the Rabbis. There was, oddly enough, a giant who lived in the

    Tuesday, February 23, 1999 -- 12:50:11 (EST)
    Name: Pete Rimate -- Email: primate
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Just wanted to say that the Study Break was great! Nothing like jumping around crazy during my Chem studies. The free T-shirts and necklaces were a nice touch, too. You programming board people are a lot of fun!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yeah!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Monday, February 22, 1999 -- 14:29:48 (EST)
    Name: Catherine Docherty -- Email: cdochert
    Location: Ann Arbor, Mi UUA
  • When I recieved my first letter from my pen pal, I was so excited. She drew me a picture and told me lots of cool stuff about her. Her uncle was in "Patch Adams"! Isn't that cool? She was even born at the same hospital as I was, only 13 years later. Little kids are the best!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke =

    Saturday, February 20, 1999 -- 22:00:23 (EST)
    Name: Heather Munsche -- Email: hmunsche
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I'm a DJ here in East Quad and I just wanted everyone to know how awesome the program we put on at Mitchell Elementary was! All year our pen pals have been studying different countries around the world and on Friday we brought in people that have lived in or visited some of the countries they've studied to talk to them. Then we discussed what we'd pack if we were travelling far away (the #1 response:MONEY! kids are so cute!) and made K-grams necklaces. It was a really fun afternoon. I want to thank everyone who participated and made this event a success. :-D
  • Participating in K-grams? = You betcha!
  • Favorite Joke = What's big, red, and eats rocks? A big red rock eater!

    Monday, February 15, 1999 -- 16:40:02 (EST)
    Name: Lee Ann Benkert -- Email: benkertl
  • K-GRAMS T-SHIRTS ROCK! I was showing them off today, and everybody at work was jealous. Make sure you get one, too!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yuppers
  • Favorite Joke = This isn't a joke, but I know a family named Bar that named their daughter -- Candy. That is just too sweet... ;)

    Monday, February 15, 1999 -- 10:47:20 (EST)
    Name: Neha Shah -- Email: ndshah
    Location: ann arbor, MI usa
  • K-grams is awesome. This web page is sweet. I want a t-shirt so i can be cool! Every single one of the thousand plus people in this program make me happy- thanks!

  • Participating in K-grams? = yeah
  • Favorite Joke = Two peanuts were walking down the street and one was assaulted.

    Tuesday, February 09, 1999 -- 01:24:11 (EST)
    Name: Jason Weaver -- Email: weaverj
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • Well, I'm the T-shirt man!!! When these awesome T-shirts come out next week (they were designed by Monique-an ART MAJOR!!!), you can look for me with a big box of those things
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yes, Publicity
  • Favorite Joke =

    Tuesday, January 26, 1999 -- 16:48:59 (EST)
    Name: Rachel Knopf -- Email: knopfr
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Thank you Erin Krumrei and everyone who went to the Bryant elementary project this past weekend . . . it rocked the school!!! I loved making tye-dyed t-shirts with the kids, and reading to each other. It was so rewarding to hear Waleed, the first grade boy I was paired up with, sound out a tough word as he read a book to me, and to see his smile after he got it right. He wanted me to come home and play with him. I want to go back to Bryant and see everyone smile some more!!! K-grams does amazing things.
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke =

    Monday, January 25, 1999 -- 15:43:25 (EST)
    Name: Matt Comstock -- Email: comstock
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

  • There is nothing like K-Grams....

    no doubt the greatest organization on campus!

    everyone and anyone should get involved if they aren't already!

    Enjoy the new year!

  • Participating in K-grams? = YEAH BABY
  • Favorite Joke =

    Friday, January 22, 1999 -- 00:55:15 (EST)
    Name: Steve Yeager -- Email: syeager
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I like this program...like it alot. I wanted to personally thank Matt for this website. Looking good everyone, is it not?
  • Participating in K-grams? = Sure
  • Favorite Joke = What happens when you throw a blue stone in the red river?????Nothing!!

    Thursday, January 21, 1999 -- 00:39:12 (EST)
    Name: Mariel Estigarribia -- Email: mestigar
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • K-grams is awesome!!!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yes
  • Favorite Joke =

    Tuesday, January 19, 1999 -- 08:52:09 (EST)
    Name: Tom Chandler -- Email: tchand
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • I love this serach feature you put on this site! It makes things a lot easier... I'm just wondering when my secret number is going to be chosen. K-grams is wonderful, I would love to get involved more!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke =

    Thursday, January 14, 1999 -- 21:10:24 (EST)
    Name: Lee Ann -- Email: goingcrazy
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • I just have to say that I am so happy to be involved in K-grams! The on-line newsletter cheered my right up when I re-read the descriptions of the gingerbread project we did with Pittsfield. I had such a fun time that day, smearing icing all over the place and eating candy with the kids. Spending time with the pen pals can be very rewarding and extremely fun, and I encourage everyone to get involved in the projects. The kids love it, and I guarantee that you will, too.
  • Participating in K-grams? = you bet
  • Favorite Joke = the ones that Neha tells

    Thursday, January 14, 1999 -- 17:44:53 (EST)
    Name: Sapna Moudgil -- Email: smoudgil
    Location: Chicago, IL USA
  • WOW! This website is awesome! Very fun and professional. I am writing to say how cool my "little kid (brother)" is... and all the other "little kids" for putting together such a great program. I know how hard everyone is working and you should be proud of yourselves for bringing so much happiness and fun to other people. Keep up the good work!
  • Participating in K-grams? = no
  • Favorite Joke = MSA (that one's for you, Rish!)

    Thursday, January 14, 1999 -- 10:38:19 (EST)
    Name: Joe Black -- Email: jblack411
    Location: Livonia, MI
  • I think this site is very interesting and informative! It's amazing to see what you kids are doing these days... Keep up the good work!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Unfortunately not.
  • Favorite Joke =

    Wednesday, December 16, 1998 -- 16:34:08 (EST)
    Name: Katie Foley -- Email: foleyk
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • All I wanted to do was share a joke. :]

    K-grams rocks!

  • Participating in K-grams? = yup
  • Favorite Joke = What animal is smarter than a talking parrot?..... a spelling bee!! :)

    Monday, December 07, 1998 -- 01:50:03 (EST)
    Name: Jenny Fisk -- Email: jfisk
    Location: A2/Farmington Hills, MI USA
  • My kid is so cute! She sends me pictures and everything. It's such a great feeling to see her letter in my mailbox. K-grams rocks!!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yes! :)
  • Favorite Joke = What disease do birds get? Flew!

    Tuesday, November 24, 1998 -- 01:22:16 (EST)
    Name: Sarah Smith -- Email: sarahls
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • My little kid is so neat! I've worked with little kids before and I love doing this because I know how much it means to them! I think K-grams is a great program that I hope has a long history at the University of Michigan!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Of course!!
  • Favorite Joke = What did Tennessee?? Whatever Arkansas!! (say it out loud)

    Friday, November 13, 1998 -- 17:31:08 (EST)
    Name: Erin Krumrei -- Email: ekrumrei
    Location: Rochester, MI
  • I went to Bryant elementary today to pick up our letters. Not only did we get cute letters from Mrs. Kittzman's second grade class but also 8 pumpkin pies! Yes 8 pumpkin pies! The kids baked them by theirselves with the help of only two adults. We can hardly wait to eat them. Thanks Mrs. Kittzman's class! You're so special to us!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Yes!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Wednesday, November 11, 1998 -- 00:01:44 (EST)
    Name: Dan Margolis -- Email: margolis
    Location: St. Paul, MN USA
  • I was just surfing the net and got to your site through your Circle K. It sounds like you have an amazing progam here and I just wanted to say how nice it is to see college students doing such great things! You should all be commended for partaking in K-grams! Good luck to all of you...
  • Participating in K-grams? = not yet!
  • Favorite Joke = Q: What's brown and sticky?? A: A stick of course!!!

    Tuesday, November 10, 1998 -- 23:56:29 (EST)
    Name: Heather Munsche -- Email: hmunsche
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • K-grams is a great program. The more involved I become, the more I want to be involved. Writing and receiving letters is wonderful! I'm so glad I have the opportunity to make a new, young friend. >:-D
  • Participating in K-grams? = You bet!
  • Favorite Joke = What's black and white and read all over? A newspaper!

    Tuesday, October 27, 1998 -- 19:25:49 (EST)
    Name: Jenni Bess -- Email: jbess
    Location: Detroit , Mi USA
  • I am one of the Swing Kids for Alice Lloyd and my group just got done making our package for the second letter. It was so cool to see that almost everyone's letters were in one time. There was a lot of creativity involved. Making the package was also so much fun. My little kid is awsome. She's from France and is bilingual. It's neat because I want to be a foreign language teacher when I grow up. Keep smilin' and keep up the good work. :) :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Joke = What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding only half!

    Tuesday, October 27, 1998 -- 16:38:33 (EST)
    Name: Emily Bertolini -- Email: auntieem
  • My pen pal is a kindergartener at Bryant Elementary. DeLisia is such a great artist! I loved the letter I got; it made my day. I can't wait to get another!
  • Participating in K-grams? = of course!
  • Favorite Joke = Q: Why did the peanut cross the road? A: To get to the Shell station! ;)

    Friday, October 23, 1998 -- 02:17:22 (EDT)
    Name: Amanda Smetana -- Email: asmetana
  • My pen pal is so cute! And she's so like me when I was that age. I'm so glad that I am able to be a part of this. Thanks everyone at K-Grams for making this possible!
  • Participating in K-grams? = Of course!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Friday, October 23, 1998 -- 02:14:35 (EDT)
    Name: Lee Ann Benkert -- Email: benkertl
  • My pen pal, Crystal, is the best! We've already covered dogs (she has two), music (she's big into Backstreet), and vegetables (carrots are her faves). She even put a cute little hearts and stars border on the letter! What a gem :) I can't wait to hear from her again. I love K-grams!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yupperoo!
  • Favorite Joke = I wish I could think of one...I'll get back to you...:)

    Thursday, October 22, 1998 -- 23:56:24 (EDT)
    Name: Meg Vincent -- Email: mevincen
  • My pen pal is so awesome--she's like my little clone. We have the same interests, and even the same name! I'm more excited now than ever!! Great job making it all come together guys!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yep
  • Favorite Joke =

    Thursday, October 22, 1998 -- 20:50:35 (EDT)
    Name: Kate Lindsay -- Email: lindsayk
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • My little guy is DeAngelo...he's a real sweetie...can't wait to get to know him better....I'm wondering what the theme for Mrs. Hagan's class in Mitchell Elementary is this month....
    Keep swingin'!

  • Participating in K-grams? = Of course!
  • Favorite Joke =

    Thursday, October 22, 1998 -- 15:20:42 (EDT)
    Name: Ben R. -- Email: brocher
    Location: A^2, MI tis of thee
  • Man my lil' kid rocks! Talk about a sports nut!...and he answered ALL of my questions, even the silly ones! Things can only get BETTER from here! This is AMAZING!
  • Participating in K-grams? = mm-hmm
  • Favorite Joke = Q: what do you get when you launch a toad through space? A: star warts

    Thursday, October 22, 1998 -- 14:45:42 (EDT)
    Name: Eric Diez -- Email: ediez
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • My little kid only wrote 5 lines, but the letter was typed and he said he has a cat named Beets so he's cool. I love K-grams.

  • Participating in K-grams? = yep
  • Favorite Joke = Q: Why do golfers bring two shirts to their golf tournaments??? A: In case they get a 'hole in one'!!! Waahooooo!

    Thursday, October 22, 1998 -- 09:36:08 (EDT)
    Name: David Robb -- Email: david.robb
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • My daughter Kayleigh came home the other day very excited about her new UM Pen Pal, Christine (I think?). Kayleigh went on and on about how nice her new pen pal was and wanted to know where Farmington Hills (her home town) was. Being a member of the Briarwood/Pittsfield Kiwanis, Rishi had told me about the idea of having a pen pal program between UM students and elementary school kids last spring. I thought it was a great idea, but I never envisioned anything like this. You are all to be comended for taking on such a noble cause. You are all fine examples of what is good in this world. (GUSH, GUSH) Thanks for making my daughter's (and everybody's elses children) school day a little bit brighter.

    Just a side note: Thanks to UM Circle K, our school last year raised about $450 from the "Boxtops for Education" program for the Mitchell PTO. Of the $450, about $320 was raised by Circle K. You can see what a difference Circle K is making.

    Thanks Again for Everything!

    David M. Robb
    Fellow Kiwanian & Proud Parent

  • Participating in K-grams? = sort of...
  • Favorite Joke = I can't tell it here.

    Monday, October 05, 1998 -- 23:33:58 (EDT)
    Name: Deonna Labert -- Email: dlabert
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • Here at UofM, it's so easy to get caught up in making the grades that the really important things can be forgotten. But K-grams are the best kind of letters to receive every term!
  • Participating in K-grams? = AWWWW yeah!
  • Favorite Game = Heads Up 7-Up

    Friday, October 02, 1998 -- 18:32:31 (EDT)
    Name: Lee Ann Benkert -- Email: benkertl
  • I helped deliver our letters to the elementary schools today, and oh - my - gosh...the kids were sooooo happy and excited! They could not wait to tear into those packages! Thanks to everyone for writing, organizing, planning, and just plain doing. All you have to do is look into the smiling face of a little kid to know it is completely worthwhile :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = of course I am!
  • Favorite Game = 7-Up

    Thursday, October 01, 1998 -- 18:37:04 (EDT)
    Name: Rebecca Babcock -- Email: rbabcock
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I think that this is an awesome program. i cannot wait to hear from my penpal. This may be the one of the only things that I look forward to doing all year.
  • Participating in K-grams? = Who isn't?? And if you are not, you should be.
  • Favorite Game = Hop Scotch

    Wednesday, September 30, 1998 -- 10:41:07 (EDT)
    Name: Matt Armfield -- Email: marmfiel
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • EVERYONE! Check back here soon .. within the next couple of days, Pen Pal and Swing Kids FAQs and Troubleshooting tips will be up as well as our lovely staff pictures and bios!!! Hope you're all as excited as I am!!! =)
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes sirree bob!
  • Favorite Game = Red Rover .. although someone would always get hurt.

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 22:24:41 (EDT)
    Name: Rachel Knopf -- Email: knopfr
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • K-grams is swingin'! I'm happy and honored to be a part of this awesome program. ! (: !SMILE! :) !
  • Participating in K-grams? = oh yeah!
  • Favorite Game = 7-up!

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 17:18:16 (EDT)
    Name: Lee Ann Benkert -- Email: benkertl
  • What a webpage! I am so proud of everyone involved with K-grams. Can you imagine those little kids' faces when they get our letters this month? They'll resemble all the smiley faces that cover this webpage (except theirs won't likely be tinted green and blue)! Have fun writing those letters, everyone! :)
  • Participating in K-grams? = you bet!
  • Favorite Game = 7-Up

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 17:17:56 (EDT)
    Name: Sarita Warrier -- Email: swarrier
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I'm very happy to be participating in this program. If *I* get excited about receiving a letter, I can only imagine how happy an elementary-schooler would be! (By the way Matt, you did an awesome job with this page!)
  • Participating in K-grams? = you bet
  • Favorite Game = Four Squares (I still play it now!)

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 13:22:41 (EDT)
    Name: Ben Rocher -- Email: brocher
  • This is the coolest program ever! I have a 4th grade sister at home who's now jealous because their school doesn't have this kind of a program. I absolutely can't wait to start being a pen pal, and hope that everyone else who wants to will someday be able to be a part of K-grams. In the meantime, write your letters and HAVE FUN!!!
  • Participating in K-grams? = of course!
  • Favorite Game = Freeze Tag

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 12:43:05 (EDT)
    Name: Katie Foley -- Email: foleyk
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • This program is absolutely wonderful and I am so glad to be part of it... I can't wait to get a letter from a kid! :)GO BLUE!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Game = Red rover

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 10:15:19 (EDT)
    Name: Jennifer Pomeraning -- Email: jpomeran
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I am new to this program, but I am very excited about it. It seems like a terrific idea. Thinking back to elementary school, I would have been thrilled to receive a letter from a college student. This program seems very worthwhile.
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes
  • Favorite Game =

    Monday, September 28, 1998 -- 03:49:12 (EDT)
    Name: Rishi Moudgil -- Email: rmoudgil
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • Please take advantage of this site and share your comments with us! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this program and be sure to keep us updated about your pen pals. As always... keep reading, writing, swingin', smilin'!
  • Participating in K-grams? = yes!!!
  • Favorite Game = the statue game

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