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*Archived Services Video Feeds (Broadband only)
* XP Vision
* The American Bible Society
* Christian Advice on Filtering Media Content
* Interactive Internet Bible Study for Salvation
* Are you Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth?
* Ministry of the Word
* The Cyber Hymnal(Great learning tool for Song Leaders!)
* The Restoration Quarterly
* Gospel Minutes
* U of M Papyrus Collection Online
* " Religion: Christianity" (Note: contains some non-scriptual material)
* The World Wide Study Bible
* A Downloadable, MS-Windows Bible
* Studies In Eschatology
* Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery
* Sermons
* Commentaries
* Study Guides
* Tracts

Churches of Christ on the Net

Member of the Church of Christ Ad Exchange.

* Michigan Church Locator
* Churches of Christ Online
* Traverse City Church of Christ
* Mount Morris Church of Christ (Mt. Morris, MI)
* Westwood Church of Christ
* Bristol Road Church of Christ (Flint, MI)
* Starkville Church of Christ (Starkville, MS)
* Church of Christ/North (Shreveport, LA)
* Churches of Christ Homepage (Global)
* A&M Church of Christ (College Station, TX)
* Oakland Church of Christ
*" Kemp Church of Christ in Arcola, IL
* Lantana Road Church fo Christ in Crossville, TN

For a more complete listing, check out Highland Park's World Wide Directory or or try ChurchZip below:

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Church of Christ Universities

* Abilene Christian University
* Harding University
* Oklahoma Christian University
* Pepperdine University
* Rochester College
* Southwest School of Bible Studies

General Resources

* Highland Park World Wide Directory of Online Christians
* Michigan Christian Youth Camp
* Christian Student Network
* Campus Journal
* Shultz-Lewis Children's Home
* The Gospel Herald
* Tell Me Your Story of Jesus Teen Site
* Youth Specialties Christian Youth Worker Ministry
* Students In Christ E-mail Group at U of M
* Religious Events INTERFAITH e-mail group at U of M
* Christians Online Prayer Board
* Cats for Christ campus ministry at Kansas State University
* Mississippi State University Christian Student Center

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