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Michigan Church Locator

For those traveling, we thought it would be helpful to offer maps that could be used to easily locate a meeting place of the Church. The focus of this work is limited to the State of Michigan. If you know the street address of a Congregation of the Church of Christ that does not appear after you click on this map, please drop us note. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you keep in mind the fact that the name of a congregation is not sufficient to determine its scripturality. We used the name "Church of Christ" as our criteria for composing this resource, but not every congregation bearing that name is scriptural. Likewise, some congregations with other scriptural names may be very scriptural. This resource is not meant to be a stamp of approval, and we encourage you to visit these congregations with a critical knowledge of what it means to be a scriptural New Testament church. Let the Bible be your guide!

michigan map

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to direct to us as a group, we can be reached at Students In Christ
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