Laboratory Safety

Safety Snippet Videos

Assignment: After viewing each safety snippet, write down 1 to 3 key takeaways for each video.

Outfit for Safety


A video created by the University of California, San Diego that comprehensively discusses the appropriate pieces of personal protective equipment for different laboratory environments.

The Sloppy Lab


The EECS Department at the University of Michigan created this video to demonstrate the hazards that a sloppy lab poses.

Food in the Lab


This video emphasizes the potential consequences of bringing food into the lab and was produced by the EECS Department at the University of Michigan.

Glove Removal Safety


This UCLA produced video summarizes the proper way to remove gloves safely in a laboratory.

Safety Gear


This video, developed by the EECS Department at the University of Michigan, highlights the importance of wearing the proper safety gear in the lab.



The EECS Department at the University of Michigan stresses the importance of evacuating the building at the sound of any alarm, even if it may just be a drill in this video.

How to Use an Emergency Safety Shower


This video, produced by EHS at Iowa State University, reviews the proper use of an emergency safety shower.

Videos of Case Histories

After the Rainbow


A reflective CSB video by an accident victim who was severely injured at a high school chemistry lab demonstration accident in Ohio, in 2006. The teacher was demonstrating how different chemicals burnt at different light frequencies without any safety gear like a lab-coat or goggles.

Experimenting with Danger


This CSB video discusses three accidents at university laboratories and research facilities - the 2008 fatal accident at UCLA involving a pyrophoric chemical (4:10), the 1997 death of a professor at Dartmouth College via accidental poisoning (7:48), and the 2010 explosion at Texas Tech University where a graduate student lost three fingers (11:14).


Incident Reports from Other Universities

University of California, Berkeley
University of Auckland, New Zealand