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The following robotic optical counterpart experiments are either currently taking data or under construction.

Other GRB optical counterpart search experiment links

Bradford Robotic Telescope
ETC - Explosive Transient Camera
GROCSE - Gamma-Ray Optical Counterpart Search Experiment
LOTIS - Livermore Optical Transient Imaging Search
TAROT - TÚlescope Ó Action Rapide pour les Objects Transitories
TOMBO - Transient Observatory for Microlensing and Bursting Objects
The Third Interplanetary Network
APT - The Automated Patrol Telescope
HETE-2 - High Energy Transient Explorer


Leonid meteor links

News from the Leonid '98 Airborne Mission
The Leonids, Live!
Early Birds catch the Leonids
Up, Up, and Away to the Leonids


Links to links

Tom Loredo's PhySci Bookmarks
CGRO - NASA Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Gamma-Ray Burst News Briefs
Joachim Greiner - GRB Afterglow



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