Selected Publications

In Review (2011) Concessionary Politics: Rivalry, Territory, and Identity in the use of Africa's natural resources. Manuscript accepted for publication by signed contract (March 26 2008) for “Colonialisms” series, University of California Press, Berkeley, that was cancelled. Now sent for review at University of Chicago Press.

In Prep (2011): Creatures at the Rainbow's End: Trophy Hunting, Ecotourism, and the Transformation of Forest Life in Southwestern Central African Republic. Prospectus submitted to Duke University Press, October 30, Duke and Chicago have requested the manuscript for review.

In Prep (2008) Agrawal, A. Hardin, R. and Lemos, M. Adaptive Development: Climate, Institutions, and Livelihoods. Book manuscript due to Cambridge University Press in June 2009.

Edited Volumes

Hardin, R., and K. Clarke, editors. Transforming Ethnographic Practice. Contributors Agreements and Contracts signed and sent in spring 2010; currently in copyediting. Sample Copy Planned for Applied Anthropology meetings in March 2012. Sale Copies to follow for American Anthropological Association meetings in November 2012. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

Hardin, R., editor. Socioemergence: Historical Ecology and Cultural Politics of Viral Disease in Tropical Forests. Submitted to Editor Valerie Millholland, Duke University Press, for the series "Ecologies of the 21st Century." Revisions complete after Reviewer Comments, Resubmission spring 2011 for publication in 2012.

Under Review (2009) Hardin, R. and Kamari Clarke (eds.) Testimonies and Transformations: Reflections on Ethnographic Practice. Under Review in 2009 by University of Wisconsin Press, Madison.

Under Review (2009) Socioermergence: Cultural Economies and Historical Ecologies of Viral Disease in Tropical Forests. Submitted to Duke University Press for the series "Ecologies of the 21st Century," June 2008.

In Prep (2009) Hardin. R, D. Patridge and M. Welker. Corporate Lives: New Perspectives on the Corporate Social Form. From the SAR/Wenner Gren Symposium of the same name. Manuscript to be published by SAR Press in 2010.

(1998) Eves, H.E., R. and S. Rupp. 1998 Resource use in the trinational Sangha River region of equatorial Africa: Histories, knowledge forms and institutions. Vol. 102. New Haven: Yale Forestry and Environmental Studies Bulletin Series. Available in French or English at:


(2011). Hardin, R. Collective Contradictions of "Corporate" Conservation. In FOCAAL, the European Journal of Anthropology and History for a special issue in June on Corporate Social Responsibility, edited by Dinah Rajak and Catherine Dolan.

(2011). Hardin, R. Concessionary Politics: Property, Patronage and Political Rivalry in Central African Forest Management. in Current Anthropology. 52 (S3): S113-S125.

(2011). Welker, M. D.J. Partridge and R. Hardin. Corporate lives: New perspectives on the Social Life of the Corporate Form. Current Anthropology. 52 (S3): S3-S16

(2009). Remis, Melissa and R. Hardin. "Transvalued Species in an African Forest." Conservation Biology.
Revised Proof (PDF)

Under Review. Hardin, R. and Susan Cook. "Negotiatiing Royalties: Ritual, Tradition and Modernity in the Meeting of Two Southern African Kings." Cultural Anthropology.

(2009) Batterman, S. and Joseph Eisenberg, Rebecca Hardin, Margaret Kruk, Maria Carmen Lemos, Anna Michalak, Bhramar Mukherjee, Elisha Renne, Lutgarde. Raskin, Howard Stein, and Mark Wilson. "Sustainable Control of Water - Associated Diseases - A Systems Approach." Environmental Health Perspectives. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan's Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute (working paper now in the revision for submission to environmental health journals).
Abstract Link

(2008) Agrawal, A., A. Chatre, and R. Hardin. "Changing Governance of World Forests." Science, 320 (5882): pp. 1460-62.

(2006) R. Hardin and M. Remis. "Biological and Cultural Anthropology in a Changing Tropical Forest: A Fruitful Collaboration." American Anthropologist 108 (2): 273-285

(2005) "A Travers La Foret, vers une nouvelle anthropologie environnementale (Through the Forest, toward a new environmental anthropology)." >> Introduction to Forets Tropicales, Special issue (R. Hardin, ed.) of Anthropologie et Societes 29 (1).
Available at: Anthropologie et Societes - Forets Tropicales (PDF)

(2003) Kretsinger, A. and R. Hardin. "Watersheds, Weddings, and Workforces: Migration, Sedentarization, and Social Change among the BaAku of southwestern Central African Republic." African Studies Monographs. No. 28, pp. 123-141.
Available at: African Studies Monographs (PDF)


(2011). Jangu, M., and R. Hardin. Traditional healing in Tanzania: Integrating medical social and environmental justice. In S. Schmid and M. Diawara, editors. Entangled medical fields: Transformation of meaning, knowledge and practice. Libreville, Gabon: Editions Raponda-Walker.
Raponda Walker Publications
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(2010). Hardin, R. Narrative, territory, and humanity in an African rainforest. In I. Feldman and M. Ticktin, editors. In the Name of Humanity: The Government of Threat and Care. Durham: Duke University Press.

(2010). Hardin, R., M Robillard and S. Bahuchet. Social, spatial, and sectoral boundaries intransborder conservation of central African forests. In Wil de Jong et al., eds. Transborder Governance of Forests, Rivers and Seas. Earthscan Press.
See link at the url:

(2010). Roulet, P. A., and R. Hardin. “Des grandes chasses coloniales aux chasses villageoises:
Communautés, commerce, et contextes nationaux dans la gestion des ressources cynégétiques en Afrique Centrale.” (Translated title: From colonial concessions to community hunting zones: village, industry and national contexts in contemporary central African trajectories of wildife management). Chapter 4 in V. Joiris and P. Bigombe Logo, editors. La Gestion « participative » des forêts d’Afrique centrale: doctrines, logiques, pratiques (“Participatory” management of central African forests: Doctrines, logics, and practices.) Versailles: Editions Quae (publisher for a consortium of French research institutes in natural resource science and engineering including CIFOR, CEMAGREF, IRD, and INRA).
Link at

In Press. "Central African Republic: Society and Cultures." In Scribners New Encyclopedia of Africa, Second Edition. New York: Tomson Gale.

(2009) In Press. "Narrative, Territory, and Humanity in an African Rain Forest." In Ilana Feldman and Miriam Ticktin, Eds., Government and Humanity. For publication in 2009 with Duke University Press.

Under Review. Hardin, R. with John Monaghan, Sarah Cwiek, and Nathan Reznick-Day. "Making Bushmeat Action out of Bioterror: Wildlife conservation from Food Security to Homeland Security" in Hardin, R. ed. Socioemergence (see above).

(2008). Chapter 21. Toward an Ethic of Intimacy: Touring and Trophy Hunting for Elephants in Africa in Elephants and Ethics: Toward a Morality of Coexistence. Johns Hopkins University Press (512 pp). Available May 19, 2008.
Cover (PDF)
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(2007). Chapter 5. Anthropological Contributions to Protected Area Management in Transforming Parks and Protected Areas: Management and Governance in a Changing World. Routledge (256 pp). Available Jan 30, 2008.
Cover (PDF)
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Reports and Working Papers

(2010). Hardin, R. and A. Agrawal. Forests, People, and Tenure: Culture, Communities, and

(2001) Auzel P., and R. Hardin, "Colonial History, Concessionary Politics, and Collaborative Management of Equatorial African Rain Forests." In Hunting and Bushmeat utilization in the African rain forest. Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science, Number 2: pp. 21-38. Washington, D.C.: Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International.

(2001) Auzel P., and R. Hardin, "Wildlife Utilization and the Emergence of Viral Diseases." In Hunting and Bushmeat utilization in the African rain forest. Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science, Number 2: pp. 85-92. Washington, D.C.: Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International.

(2008) Hardin R., M. Robillard, and S. Bahuchet. "Political Boundaries, Divided Peoples, and Transborder Conservation of Central African Forests: Two Congo Basin Cases." In Wil de Jong, Ed., Transborder Environmental and Natural Resource Management, pp. 95-116. CIAS Discussion Paper 4: Kyoto University Center for Integrated Area Studies.

(2001). Concessionary politics in the Congo basin: history and culture in forest use practices. For World Resources Institute and Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment, Working Papers Series, Institutions and Governance Program. Washington, D.C.
Available at: World Resources Institute (PDF)

(1997). (with M. Remis) Research and Rural Development Work Sessions. Proceedings from Sangha River Network sessions, Bayanga, RCA, July 31-August 2 1997. (Available in English, 40 pp. or Sango, 50 pp, or French, 112 pp). Report to World Wide Fund for Nature-U.S. and Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (USAID).
All versions available here

Selected Book Reviews

(2011). Hardin, R. Richard Price. 'Rainforest Warriors: Human Rights on Trial.' Critical Review in Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (forthcoming, July).

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