Arachnophobia Therapy Through Virtual Reality
Group Project for Fall 1999 ENG477 Principles of Virtual Reality course

Bob Hagemann
Harold Tessmann
Mike Yeaster

Faculty Advisor
Milton Huang

Final Report

Final Report
This is the final report for the ENG477 Fall 1999 Principles of Virtual Reality course.


This is the ENG477 Presentation for the project.

Source Code

This is the main part of our program, it initializes the CAVE, imports the VRML 1.0 files, positions and rotates the models, handles navigation, and handles the increasing of the intensity level.

This is the Spider class, it will load the VRML files for the spider's body and each of the legs. It also sets up the animation functions.

Each of the nine VRML models that make up the spider has their own SpiderData object that goes with it. The SpiderData class contains the necessary information for the Spider to move and rotate the model in the correct way. This class is passed to the animation functions held in the Spider class.