Contributors to the Great Lakes Diatom Home Page include:

Gene Stoermer B.S., Ph.D. Iowa State University. Principal Investigator. Broad interests in diatom systematics, biology and ecology. Has worked on the Great Lakes for over thirty years.

Norman Andresen A. B. Taylor University, M.S. Michigan State University, Ph.D. University of Michigan. Broad interests in diatom systematics and ecology. Has worked on the Great Lakes for over twenty years.

Janice Pappas B.A., B.S. University of Michigan-Dearborn, M.A. Drake University, Ph.D University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Previous research in aquatic chemistry and biology, numerical ecology. Current research: design of fuzzy measures and set theory in taxonomy, morphometrics, boundary value problems in ecology, philosophy of ecology, the genus Asterionella.

Kelly Ungelbach B.A. University of Michigan. Research interests are in cell biology/microbiology, hieroglyphics, Egyptology. Primary contributor to this home page including the genera Neidium, Opephora, Diploneis, Entomoneis, Plagiotropis, Pleurosigma, Stenopterobia, and Ctenophora, among other things .

Past contributors...


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