BDSI 2022; University of Michigan

About me

  • Associate Professor in Biostatistics
  • Erstwhile PhD student at Michigan Biostatistics
  • R user and aficionado

The basics

When to use

  • Reports

  • Slides

  • Manuscripts / books

  • Simple websites

Why to use

  • R code and interpretations integrated into a single document

  • Separates task of reporting the results from formatting the results:

    • decreases risk of copy-paste errors

    • decreases workload

  • Quickly create the same document in different formats, e.g. slides to show and handouts for the audience

whatever format you want to create: html, pdf, docx, …

image source:

pandoc: “an open-source document converter” (wikipedia). Translates markup from one type of format, e.g. markdown, to another

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