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So What Do We Remember?

Like the song says, we remember the good things and forget the painful. However, this section of the website, as well as the Gallery, may help us to recall some things we simply forgot, no reason! Many of the concerns discussed in the AVline section are still valid. The Learning Centers are more active than ever! The survey responses glow with the gratitude we, as members of EMTS, feel for the assistance and general helpfulness of our colleagues. Isn't that the point, after all? Those of us with common concerns helping one another to do our jobs better. I cannot think of a better way to say this than to quote the closing statement from Linda Watson's contribution:

"The AV librarians around the country with whom I began my career were a skilled and intrepid group, as we battled indifference to and misunderstanding about our media at our respective institutions. We were not afraid to explore new technologies, and we were the leaders in our institutions as our av services evolved into microcomputer labs. I am fortunate to have had this grounding in our profession."
We have all been fortunate to have had EMTS and each other. Hopefully, this will only continue as we move into the future, finding our colleagues to be the best resource any librarian could have.

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