EMTS logo Credits for Contributions to the Web Site
The coordinator, programmer, and designer of the EMTS Centennial web site has been:

Pat Anderson, Media Librarian
Galter Health Sciences Library
Northwestern University
303 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60611-3008

See Pat's other web site for MLA 98.

However, the web site certainly could not have come into existence without the generosity and efforts of many others, most especially those folks who contributed to the content. I am particularly grateful to Linda Watson and Susan Crawford for their donations as they were never EMTS members, and I hope you will share my gratitude for their generosity.

Other contributors include (alphabetical list):

Contributor What Was Contributed
Daniel Barkey
Head of Systems
Galter Health Sciences Library
Northwestern University
Some images in the Gallery were taken by Dan with a SONY digital camera
Janis Brown
Associate Director for Educational Resources
Norris Medical Library
University of Southern California
Survey Response
Damon Camille
Assistant Director for Public Services
Houston Academy of Medicine
Texas Medical Center Library
Survey Response
Susan Crawford
Adjunct Professor
School of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago
Survey Response
Jim Curtis
Associate Director for Administrative Services
Health Sciences Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Survey Response
Jim Duncan
Head, Information Commons
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
University of Iowa
Links to Virtual Reality materials
Zana Etter
Director, Media Library
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
some images in the Gallery Section
Charles J. Greenberg
Head of Information Services
Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Division, Columbia University
Survey Response, Materials and Images about EMTS Learning Centers
Gale G. Hannigan
Informatics for Medical Education
Texas A&M College of Medicine
Survey Response
Bill Karnosak
Manager, McCormick Educational Technology Center
Rush University
Proofreading and presentation, and the best moral support on the market!
Sylvia Nicholas-Moin
Publications Coordinator/Reference Librarian
Galter Health Sciences Library
Northwestern University
images of microscopes for the Gallery section
David Piper
Head, Information Technology Center
Arizona Health Sciences Library
University of Arizona
Eric Schnell
Head, Automation Services
Prior Health Sciences Library
Ohio State University
EMTS Homepage and Electronic Birthday Cards
Marlene Smith
Librarian, Medical Education Media Center
School of Medicine
University of Missouri-Kansas City
EMTS History Section, proofreading, contributed to contemporary timelines, collaborated on abstract, some images in the Gallery section, moral support and encouragement
Linda Watson
Director, Health Sciences Library
University of Virginia
Survey Response, materials about AVline

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