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The Compute-to-Learn pedagogy engages students in authentic scientific practices as they construct interactive demonstrations using Wolfram Mathematica®.

The Chem 230 and 260 Honors Studio provides students with the opportunity to engage in creative forms of active learning while acquiring familiarity with a widely used software package. Students will participate in tutorials and training related to Mathematica software, research and propose an original demonstration idea, workshop the idea during design and production stages, and finally submit the final product to external review prior to publication and dissemination on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project website.

Compute-to-Learn Pedagogy

What is the Compute-to-Learn Pedagogy?

The Compute-to-Learn pedagogy builds upon the engaged, action-based learning activities that have previously been supported within the Chem 260 Honors Studio. Compute-to-Learn activities stem from evidence-based, student-centered learning approaches, such as emphasis on real-world applications to promote students’ integration of new ideas, as well as authentic, collaborative environments that apprentice students as members of a scientific discipline (via practices such as explanatory writing and peer review). The “studio” nature of Chem 260H emphasizes aspects of studio pedagogy from arts and architecture, in which students practice and refine their skills, while receiving constructive feedback and critique from more experienced peers.

Our Team

Eitan Geva

Project Supervisor

Amy Gottfried

Project Supervisor

Blair Winograd

Chem 260H Facilitator

Kyle Williams

Chem 260H Facilitator

Alicia Welden

Chem 260H Facilitator

Mina Jafari

Chem 260H Facilitator

Ellen Mulvihill

Chem 260H Facilitator

Yanbing Zhou

Chem 260H Facilitator

Yifan Lai

Chem 260H Facilitator

Kristina Lenn

Chem 260H Facilitator

Shiba Dandpat

Chem 260H Facilitator

Peer Leaders

WN 2019 - Izzy Zelaya and Katie Bunnell

FA 2018 - Benjamin Pinsky and Patrick Chen

WN 2018 - Ammar Ibrahim and Ruchita Iyer

FA 2017 - Hannah Castillo and Ningxian (Nina) Fan

WN 2017 - Alexandra Peirce, Kyle Smola, and Rahil Ukani

FA 2016 - Nisha Patel and Prateek Sharma

FA 2015 - Michael Payne and Windy Zu

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