Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

The OCM group in winter on the outdoor stairs east of  the EECS building. From the left to right and back to front, row 1: Jeff Horowitz, Lucas Lahann, Boning Qu, Peicheng Li; row 2: Bin Liu, Haonan Zhao, Hafiz Sheriff; row 3: Yongxi Li, Eva Ruff, Steve Forrest, Rebecca Lentz; row 4: YuNing Wen, Xinyi Zhao; row 5: Joon Lim, Haitong Xu, Xinjing Huang, Claire Arneson.


Stephen R. Forrest – Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Physics, and Materials Science & Engineering

Research Scientists, Post-docs and Staff

Yongxi Li – Assistant Research Scientist

Bin Liu – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Peicheng Li – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Eva Ruff – Administrative Assistant

Graduate Students

Master's Students

Haitong Xu

Undergraduate Students

Lucas Lahann

Xinyi Zhou

Matt Zhu

OCM Alumni

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