Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

A photograph of the OCM group on the stairs in the GG Brown building. From the left to right, row 1: Yongxi Li, Shaocong Hu, Xinjing Huang, Claire Arneson; row 2: Boning Qu, Dejiu Fan, Isaak Johnson, Joon Lim; row 3: Xiaheng Huang, Kan Ding, Hafiz Sheriff, Alex Napolov; row 4: Steve Forrest, Haonan Zhao, Jeff Horowitz; row 5: Eva Ruff, Jongchan Kim, Byunjung Lee. 'Photo credit: Sylvia Dykstra' is written in the lower left corner.


Stephen R. Forrest – Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Physics, and Materials Science & Engineering

Research Scientists, Post-docs and Staff

Yongxi Li – Assistant Research Scientist

Bin Liu – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Peicheng Li – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Eva Ruff – Administrative Assistant

Graduate Students

Master's Students

Alexander Napolov

Undergraduate Students

Lucas Lahann

Haitong Xu

Xinyi Zhou

Matt Zhu

OCM Alumni

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