Directory of Pollution Prevention in Higher Education:
Faculty and Programs, 1997

Updates the 1994 edition to list 402 pollution prevention educators. Describes activities of people currently involved in integrating pollution prevention concepts into curricula; includes extensive contact information and appendixes. [$20]
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Pollution Prevention Strategies for College Campuses:
Case Study at University of Michigan

184-page report by a group of graduate students who conducted an environmental audit of their campus and two subprojects: detailed analyses and action plans for (1) "greening" the business school and (2) instituting a system for tracking hazardous chemi cals purchased, used, stored, and disposed of on campus. Includes suggestions for students wishing to undertake similar efforts at their own colleges. [$23] NOW ONLINE!
Complete Report
Executive summary

A Comparative Study of Perc Dry Cleaning and an Alternative Wet Cleaning Process

Comparative life cycle analysis of two professional clothes cleaning processes by a group of graduate students. Findings are detailed under five criteria: environmental impacts, human health impacts, performance, economics, and regulations. [$31]
Executive summary

Slide Show: EPA's Comprehensive Pollution Prevention Orientation

Used in the pollution prevention training seminar for all U.S. EPA employees. Puts pollution prevention in historical perspective; describes with examples techniques industry can use to practice prevention; and examines EPA's pollution prevention program s. [$26]

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