Compendium Components

Introductory Materials

Two introductory documents, "Overview of Environmental Problems" and "Pollution Prevention Concepts and Principles" will be bundled with each complete compendium. Each compendium also includes a discipline-specific introduction, which describes relevant pollution prevention applications.

Resource List

Each compendium includes an extensive list of relevant resources. It lists all components and annotations in the compendium as well as additional sources of information on the topic: bibliographies, books, reports, government documents, journal articles, course syllabi and curricula, associations, and university faculty active in pollution prevention education. Wherever possible, the list explains how to obtain documents not usually found in the library.

Annotated Bibliography

Each compendium's bibliography describes key materials included in its Resource List.

Selected Readings

These documents provide background information for faculty; many are appropriate for distribution to students.


Professors nationwide have provided their course syllabi for colleagues who wish to see examples of how to teach about pollution prevention. Strategies include discussing pollution prevention during a single class session, integrating it throughout a cou rse, and devoting an entire course to the topic.

Student Assignments

Most of the compendia contain at least one case study; some also include homework, exam, and open-ended problems, which vary in scope from a half-hour exam question (in Accounting) to an extensive design project (in Chemical Engineering).


The NPPC currently has available two videos for professors to show to students. One is intended to enhance the McDonald's/EDF case study; the other, about a joint Amoco/EPA project, may be used alone.

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