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Incorporation of Pollution Prevention Principles Into Chemical Science Education

This 84-page thesis was written by a graduate student in environmental and industrial health. It begins with a review of the literature on "green chemistry" and chemical science education. Next, the author proposes a methodology for chemical life cycle analyses that can be incorporated into university-level chemistry curricula. The main section of this document is a case study applying that methodology in a comparison of the environmental impacts of producing and using ethylene glycol-based antifreeze vs. a similar product made of propylene glycol. Includes numerous tables, figures, and appendices. View abstract
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Resource List

Educational Tools: Three articles. Reference Materials (grouped under five P2-in-chemistry themes): 146 articles, three books, three reports, five publishers, five online services, four faculty involved in pollution prevention education, and five organizations. Includes matrix that summarizes all materials within specific categories and subcategories while also showing the intended audience level for each document.
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Annotated Bibliography of Chemistry-Related Pollution Prevention Sources

Alphabetically lists and describes all materials cited in the Resource List.
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