Accounting Compendium


This introduction includes a brief history of environmental accounting, reviews the literature, and identifies current trends and issues. It covers key principles, defines relevant terms, and describes how companies are implementing environmental accounting. It also suggests how to use various components in this compendium.
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Resource List

Educational tools listed include four annotated bibliographies, eight case studies, four problem sets, and four course syllabi. Reference materials listed include 35 books and reports, 75 articles, three software programs, one audiotape, one directory, nine organizations, and 11 faculty active in pollution prevention education.
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Annotated Bibliography

Describes 45 relevant publications; all appear in the Resource List.
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Course Syllabi

A collection of syllabi from university courses involving pollution prevention and accounting; professors include Mark A. Cohen (Vanderbilt University), Christopher H. Stinson (University of Texas), Donald E. Stone (University of Massachusetts), and Mark A. White (University of Virginia).

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Case Study:
"3M: Waste Minimization"

Much has been written about performance measurement, but relatively little is known about using environmental measures in industry. This 15-page case illustrates non-financial performance measures in a manufacturing environment, allowing the instructor to focus on either environmental or perfomance measurement issues when several measures are being used.
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Case Study:
"Replacing Ozone-Depleting Chemicals: Taxes and Decisions for a Manufacturer"

Asks the student, as financial analyst,to analyze options and recommend a strategy for handling current inventory of ozone-depleting chemicals. Includes discussion questions and financial tables.
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Problem Set:
"Overhead Allocation for P2"

A 30-minute exam question that addresses the proper allocation of environmental costs to products. Includes solution.
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