Strategic Environmental Management Compendium


Discusses how to add environmental responsibility to management strategies such as competition and portfolio analysis. Suggests specific compendium materials for each topic. Also includes these brief articles: "Note on SEM," "Competitive Analysis: Key Concepts," and "Pollution Prevention: Overcoming Barriers to Success."
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Resource List

Organized by topics such as competitiveness, eco-integrated portfolio analysis, and value creation. Cites 60 books, articles, reports, cases, and websites. Includes contact information for several mentor faculty.
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Annotated Bibliography

Alphabetically lists and describes all materials cited in the Resource List.
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Course Syllabi

Strategic Environmental Management syllabi by Stuart Hart (Michigan), Doug Lober (Duke), Alfie Marcus (Minnesota), and Forest Reinhardt (Harvard).
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Case Studies:

Ringer 47K Acrobat file
Deluxe 47K Acrobat file
Osmonics 5K Acrobat file

These three cases illustrate the "high-value" strategy in businesses that have environmental aspects: Ringer produces alternative lawn-and-garden products, Deluxe is a printer that creates a pollution-free ink, and Osmonics manufactures water-quality filtration devices. All have developed environmentally superior products or services but achieve different levels of success. Students can analyze the "green" vs. "black" aspects of these businesses' portfolios and suggest a course of action for each. Discussion questions and teaching notes are provided for all cases. [Printed copy available for $3.50]

Student Assignments

Four brief assignments [Printed copy available for $2]:

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