Operations Management

Case Study:
"Agent Regeneration and Hazardous Waste Minimization --- The IBM Corporation"

This 12-page case analyzes IBM's search for innovative solutions to a complex operational/environmental problem in a chemical etching process at its Endicott, NY, facility. Decision analysis of the alternatives is central to the case. Includes a teaching note. [$1.50]

Case Study:
"Chrysler Corporation (A): The Jefferson North Assembly Plant"

14-page case study examining the way Chrysler Corporation addressed pollution prevention in its new Jeep Cherokee assembly plant in Detroit. Includes teaching note. [$2]

Case Study:
"3M: Waste Minimization"

Much has been written about performance measurment, but relatively little is known about using environmental measures in industry. This 15-page case illustrates non-financial performance measures in a manufacturing environment, allowing the instructor to focus on either environmental or perfomance measurement issues when several measures are being used. Includes teaching note. [$2]

Video: "Second Victory at Yorktown"

This 31-minute video examines the joint Amoco/EPA cooperative project that addressed the reduction of pollution from a petroleum refinery. As background, it explains pollution prevention, risk analysis, and decision-making; it then goes on to describe the expectations and concerns of each of the participants and finally the results of the project. The material is intended for survey courses on environmental issues, chemical and industrial engineering classes, and business classes on operations management and business law (voluntary vs. mandatory programs); it is also suitable for business managers and engineers. [$22.00]

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