Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative

Communicating with the Initiative

There are a variety of resources, groups, and people with whom you may want to communicate, and there are a variety of ways to do so.

Staying informed

The Neuroimaging Initiative maintains a mailing group to which we will send announcements of events and possibly the occasional survey about what you would like us to do next. To get added to the mailing list, or to add an item to the announcements, please send mail to michigan-nii@umich.edu and ask to be added to the Neuroimaging Interest Group mailing list. We'll add you and send you confirmation.

If you decide you do not want mail, send us mail, and we will remove you.

Getting help

The Neuroimaging Initiative can provide help, whether it be to locate resources at UM, located people or projects, or to get help with technical or design aspects of neuroimaging. Please send your question by e-mail to michigan-nii-help@umich.edu and we’ll do our best to get you connected or answer your question.

Communicating with other neuroimagers


Slack is a currently popular internet chat program. It is quite useful as a tool for people working on a common project to ask quick questions or otherwise chat. Slack is organized into workspaces, and the Neuroimaging Initiative uses the ‘U-M CoderSpaces’ workspace, within which you will find a channel called #neuroimaging.

To join the CoderSpaces Slack workspace, go to UMich MCommunity, use the Login link in the top-right title bar to login, and then search for ‘U-M CoderSpaces’ or use this link: U-M CoderSpaces

Once there, you will see a button to Join the group if you are not a member. Once you join the group, allow 24 hours, and then go to the U-M CoderSpaces Slack workspace.

Once there, you should see on the left-side menu a heading for Channels with a plus sign to its right. Click the + and select ‘Browse channels’ to find the #neuroimaging channel. It should appear in the list of channels below if you type neuro into the Search box. Clicking on its line will display a Join button.

Do note that there are many, many channels that have nothing to do with CoderSpaces, however there are a few that might be of interest: most notably #python-code and r-code. The #general channel, to which you will automatically be added can be used to ask any question and is often used to ask questions about the UMich computing clusters, e.g., Great Lakes.