Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative

Communicating with the Initiative

There are a variety of resources, groups, and people with whom you may want to communicate, and there are a variety of ways to do so.

Staying informed

The Neuroimaging Initiative maintains a mailing list to which we will send announcements of events and possibly the occasional survey about what you would like us to do next. To get added to the mailing list, or to add an item to the announcements, please send mail to michigan-nii@umich.edu and ask to be added to the Neuroimaging Interest Group mailing list. We'll add you and send you confirmation.

Getting help

The Neuroimaging Initiative can provide help, whether it be to locate resources at UM, located people or projects, or to get help with technical or design aspects of neuroimaging. Please send your question by e-mail to michigan-nii-help@umich.edu and we’ll do our best to get you connected or answer your question.

Communicating with other neuroimagers


Slack is a currently popular internet chat program that enables people to create groups, and within groups, ‘channels’ so that conversations can be isolated to subgroups. It is quite useful as a tool for people working on a common project to ask quick questions or otherwise chat.

There is a Slack team, UMichNeuroimaging, that you can find at


Anyone with an @umich.edu e-mail address can self-register join. There are channels within that to discuss a variety of topics, including a help-desk channel watched by the Psychiatry Methods Core.