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Oil First

Randa Takieddine - Middle Eastern oil was not mentioned in the list. But experts, especially those from the American International Energy Agency, concur that the Middle East and the Gulf will represent the main source

    The Battle Of Losses

    Muhammad Al Rumeihi - This is the battle of losses; this is its real name, and its second name is the battle of ignorance, which considers strength and violence practiced

      The U.S. Loses Even If It Wins

      Ibrahim Abdelaziz Mehanna - But most important is that the Iraqi people did not welcome American and British forces with open arms, as some expected, and not one Iraqi soldier surrendered willingly

        'Liberation' With Rumsfeld And 'Resistance' With Al-Majid

        Hazem Saghie - Saddam's regime is dirty. Very dirty. But the man has now become a hero, as many have noticed. Voices are chanting: "we give our blood and soul to you, Saddam."