Phase One:  Literature Review & Conceptual Framework

Literature Review
Phase One of the project involved a major literature review of publications on institutional support for student assessment which are synthesized in a report entitled, "Improving Organizational and Administrative Support for Student Assessment: A Review of Research Literature." Included in this review are references from 245 publications.  Most references are not research based and are descriptive in nature.  A major focus of the review was the development of a conceptual framework that guided the research in Phases Two and Three.
Among the primary findings of the literature review were the following:


Conceptual Framework

Based on the literature review, a conceptual framework for analyzing institutional support for student assessment was designed (Peterson, Einarson, Trice, & Nichols, 1997).  The framework includes seven domains:
 View the Diagram of the Conceptual Framework

1) External influences on student assessment;

2) Institutional approaches to student assessment;

3) Institution-wide support patterns for student assessment;

4) Assessment management policies and practices for student assessment;

5) Culture and climate for student assessment;

6) Institutional uses of and impacts of student assessment information, and;

7) Institutional Context.

Published Reports
Get the Original Report on the Conceptual Framework from the Stanford web site.

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