Scott Charney
Director Of Computer Crimes
Department Of Justice
Scott Charney has been involved in several major hacker prosecutions (such as the Masters of Deception in New York City), authored the Justice Department's comments on proposed legislation to regulate workplace monitoring, worked with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, France on the Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems, and appeared before the United States Sentencing Commission in an effort to revise the computer crime sentencing scheme.

Scott Charney was also Assistant District Attorney in New York City, Bronx County (the last two of seven years in the office as Deputy Chief in the Investigations Bureau). Mr. Charney has been a member of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the Justice Department and the General Litigation and Legal Advice Section in Washington, D.C. While in the Justice Department, Mr. Charney was named Chief of a new dedicated computer crime unit created by the Justice Department as part of the Computer Crime Initiative which he was previously tasked with implementing.

Scott Charney serves on two subgroups of the Administration's Information Infrastructure Task Force: the Privacy Working Group and the NII Security Forum. Scott Charney earned his law degree with honors from Syracuse University in 1980.