Departments in the United States

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Information on the department, faculty, and majors and minors is included on this site. Links to university arts organizations and college digital resources are also included, along with a form to send a multimedia post card from the Fine Arts Department.

Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, PA
Includes information for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Also listed are faculty, their specializations, and courses for the current academic year.

Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio
The Bachelor of Arts degree is granted in art history and in pre-architecture, and the Bachelor of Science degree in art education. In addition, the department offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Arts in art history, in art history and museum studies, and in art education; and the Doctor of Philosophy in art history, and in art history and museum studies. All art programs are considerably enhanced by close cooperation with and access to the facilities of cultural institutions located in University Circle, in particular The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Columbia, New York, NY
Requirements for graduate and undergraduate programs are included. Course descriptions and class schedules are also provided, along with online instructional resources, including syllabi, images, and multimedia projects.

College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
One of the largest independent art history departments in the Southeast and among the few in the nation that specialize in undergraduate education. Offering a BA in Art History, a BA in Historic Preservation & Community Planning and a MS in Historic Preservation, the department’s curriculum combines a wide variety of courses in art history and historic preservation with the advantages of a liberal arts education.

Cornell, Ithaca, NY
Site includes information on faculty and their areas of specialization, current term course listings, and program requirements for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Emory, Atlanta, GA
Online syllabi are included on this site, in addition to course offerings, faculty and department contacts, a description of the graduate program, and major and minor degree requirements.

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
The Department of the History of Art offers the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The site lists program requirements for each degree, course listings, faculty areas of specialization, and information about annual symposium.

Harvard, Cambridge, MA
The Fine Arts Department has recently become the Department of History of Art and Architecture. This site includes undergradute and graduate program requirements, course offerings, a listing of faculty members, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate and graduate program requirements and course listings are provided, along with a list of faculty and a description of the Visual Resources Collection. Also included is an introduction to The Johns Hopkins Center for Italian Studies at the Villa Spelman.

Miami University, Oxford, OH
Consistently ranked by major sources as one of the nation's top institutions.

Northwestern, Evanston, IL
Requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs are included, in addition to descriptions of faculty and their research, and an overview of the slide library. Some course web sites are also provided.

NYU, New York, NY
Graduate degree requirements are listed, along with descriptions of special programs, course offerings for current and past terms, events and programs. Information on the Graduate Student Association is also provided.

Ohio State University
Offers a substantial graduate (MA and PhD) program with a faculty of about 18. Descriptions of programs, areas of concentration, course listings, faculty, staff, graduate students, Newsletter, and links are provided.

Penn State University
The Department of Art History offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study leading to B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in art history. The department offers lecture/discussion courses and graduate seminars on a broad range of topics from ancient to contemporary art and architecture. Courses are also offered in museum studies, historiography, iconology, criticism, connoisseurship, and methods of research. Courses are taught by eleven full-time faculty members and five affiliate faculty members.

Princeton , Princeton, NJ
Includes undergradute and graduate program requirements, a list of faculty and specializations, course web pages, and descriptions of slide and photograph collections. Also has links to multimedia projects.

Rice University, Houston, TX
Site includes degree requirements for graduate and undergraduate programs, current course listings and online syllabi, and job openings within the department. There is also a link to RiceArts, a listing of arts departments and events on campus.

Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ
Fairly extensive site includes maps, a Pictorial History of Voorhees Hall (which houses the department), and a list of recent dissertations, in addition to Program Handbooks for graduates and undergraduates, and a list of faculty. The Visual Resources Collection includes thorough information on color correcting slides during digitization.

Stanford, Stanford, CA
Site includes a list of courses, description of affiliated facilities, and information on graduate and undergraduate programs. Links to other art and art history departments are also included, along with links to Bay Area arts organizations.

State University of New York at Buffalo
Includes descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs, course listings, and a list of faculty and their specializations. Online course materialsand an application request form are also included, along with links to area arts organizations.

Temple University, Tyler School of Art, The Department offers a variety of critical, theoretical and methodological perspectives and approaches. The goal is to equip students with strong skills in a world in which visual literacy is of great importance.

University of California, Los Angeles
In addition to a list of faculty, course listings and online course materials, the site offers "On-Ramp," an organized collection of links to "Tools & Resources in Art History and the Humanities."

University of California, Berkeley
Descriptions of degree requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs are provided, along with a list of faculty and specializations, and course offerings.

University of California, Irvine
Undergraduate major and minor degrees offered. Ph.D program in Visual Studies.

University of California, Santa Cruz
Undergraduate program requirements are described. The site also includes a list of faculty and their areas of interest, course listings, and online course materials. There is also a very useful "Pointers & Advice" section for art history students, with tips on writing papers, getting internships, career opportunities and more.

University of Chicago, IL
Site lists faculty and specializations, graduate program requirements, and courses. Contents of the Chicago Art Journal, a student-edited publication, are also included, in addition to an Electronic Database of Images from the Slide Library.

University of Colorado at Boulder, CO
This site includes descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs, course listings, a list of faculty and their specializations, as well as study abroad options and links to other art related sites.

University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Provides information on MA and PhD programs, in addition to a list of faculty and their recent publications, online syllabi, and course listings for upcoming terms. Links to the affiliated programs (Museum Studies, Decorative Arts and the Winterthur Program, and Art Conservation) are also included.

University of Iowa
The School of Art & Art History offers the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Art History. Specialization is possible in traditional areas of Western, African, and Asian Art. The Graduate Program emphasizes independence of thought, a thorough knowledge of the field, and diverse critical methods. A regular series of visiting lecturers from the United States and abroad supplements an extensive program of course offerings.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Site provides undergraduate and graduate program descriptions online and in PDF format, course listings, and online syllabi and study galleries. The Visual Resources Collection includes an online image database.

University of Minnesota
The department offers a broad range of undergraduate courses covering the arts of Europe, North America and Asia. Graduate curricula focus primarily on Asian art and modern art (including contemporary art, popular culture and art of the Early Modern period). Areas of faculty specialization include:

University of Missouri-Columbia
The Department of Art History and Archaeology offers the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in art history and Classical archaeology. It also supports interdisciplinary graduate minors in Museum Studies and Historic Preservation, as well as in ancient studies and in medieval and renaissance studies.

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Application procedures are described on this site and applications are available to download. A list of faculty is also provided. MA, MFA, and PhD program requirements are included, along with descriptions of museum, gallery and library resources.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The site provides descriptions of the Research Triangle community, museum and gallery resources, and library facilities. BA, BFA, MA and PhD program requirements are included, in addition to online application instructions. A section on online course resources includes The Celtic Art & Cultures Web site.

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
Included are requirements for both BA and MA degree programs, course listings, and descriptions of museum and library resources, including the On-Line Catalogue of Ambrosiana Drawings, from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. Also included is the ever-popular "Career Alternatives for Art Historians," an overview of employment options for art history students.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Program requirements are provided for undergraduate and graduate programs in History of Art, and a graduate program in Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. Course schedules and links to departmental projects and faculty homepages can also be found here. The site includes a description and photos of the newly renovated Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe History of Art Building.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
The Department of History of Art and Architecture has undertaking a major initiative to reorganize faculty and graduate research along more collaborative and interdisciplinary lines.

University of Texas, Austin
In addition to describing requirements for BA, BFA, MA, and PhD programs, the site includes a list of faculty, an academic calendar, and information on special programs such as the interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Modernism, and the Maya Meetings at Texas, a 10-day annual conference.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Requirements for undergraduate major and minor are provided, along with MA and PhD program descriptions. Also included are online syllabi, course offerings, a listing of faculty and staff, and an overview of the Visual Resources Collection.

Washington University in St. Louis, MO
The undergraduate major and minor are described, and requirements for the MA and PhD programs are provided. Library and museum resources are also covered.

Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art, Williamstown, MA

Yale, New Haven, CT
A list of faculty and links to their web pages are provided, and undergraduate and gradute programs are decribed. Also included are digital, museum and library resources.


Departments Abroad

British Institute of Florence, Italy
An educational charity established in 1917, to promote the languages and cultures of Britain and Italy. This is accomplished through the teaching of Italian and English as foreign languages and cultural courses including History of Art (both short and long term), cooking, drawing, watercolour painting, Dante and opera.

Cambridge University, UK
In ten sequential web pages, admissions procedures and program requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate students are described. Library and museum resources are also discussed.

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Faculty and their areas of interest are described, in addition to course descriptions and program requirements for an undergraduate Major and Minor, and MA (PhD requirements forthcoming). Site includes online form to request information and a text-only page. Also provides links to library and web resources such as RVACanada (a web resource for studying the visual arts in Canada, compiled by graduate students), AHRC, and The Journal of Canadian Art History.

Courtauld Institute, London, UK
Site includes both an Undergraduate Prospectus and information on Postgraduate Studies, including research degrees (MPhil & PhD), a Postgraduate Diploma in the History of Art, and an MA in the History of Art. Principal members of staff are listed, along with their teaching and research interests. Also included are descriptions of living in London, resources for study, fees & grants, and application forms.

Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Main fields of research and specialization are listed. While more extensive information is available on the Faculty of History (which houses the art history departments), the pages for the Department of General History of Arts and the Department of the History of Russian Art are limited and dated 1997.

Okanagan University College, British Columbia, Canada
The Fine Arts Department provides information on a two-year diploma and a four-year degree program. Also includes online resources such as Art History: A Preliminary Handbook, Important Moments in Canadian Art History, and Words of Art: A Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts.

Oxford University, UK
Contact info only.

Padua, Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy
In Italian only, provides information on the Department, its programs, and research activities. Course listings are included, as are lists of faculty and staff, and descriptions of resources and services. Special projects include "Illuminated Manuscripts in Padova from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century" (text in Italian and English).

Paris-Sorbonne, France
In French only, provides descriptions of the programs, degrees offered, research groups, and library resources. Also includes an experimental collection of images, "Mashreq-Maghreb: Archives Photographiques du Monde Islamique."

Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands
The Universiteit Leiden was founded in 1575. It is a fully accredited, classical university at which over 15,000 students are enrolled. Leiden is a picturesque town with 114,000 inhabitants, close to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Leiden University has several educational programs, taught in English, which are specifically designed with foreign students in mind.

< b>Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
The Leuven Faculty of Arts includes departments such as history, archaeology, history of art, music, linguistics and literature. Both teaching and research in this faculty concern the cultural development of mankind, from pre-historic times to the present, in both Western and non-western world. (English page)

University of Bristol, UK
The University has a very successful and popular undergraduate program in Art History, as well as supervising research degrees. The Masters degree provision is taught within several interdisciplinary Masters programs within the University of Bristol, including Medieval Studies, and The Classical Tradition. The University of Bristol is consistently listed among the top UK universities, and receives applications from the highest calibre of student.

University of Essex, UK
This site for the Department of Art History and Theory offers undergraduate and graduate program descriptions, and a list of faculty and their research interests. Access is also provided to the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA), and an online journal, "ARARA: Art & Architecture of the Americas."

University of Hong Kong
The Department of Fine Arts was established in 1978. From its origins, the department was developed to concentrate on teaching and research in the history of art. The department currently has a teaching staff of five full-time members: three specialists in European art, one in Chinese art and one in Japanese art.

University of Manchester, UK
Art History and Archaeology have been taught at Manchester since the 1930s. As a result of a recent merger both subjects are now taught and supervised within a single department numbering twenty full-time academic staff as well as technicians and support staff, and with an undergraduate intake of over three hundred. There is a lso a large postgraduate community within the department. The University has its own museum and art gallery where there are opportunities for students to acquire work experience.

University of Melbourne, Australia
Lists faculty and their areas of interest, descriptions of undergraduate and graduate programs, and resources available to students. Departmental overview includes a section on "Why study Art History, Cinema Studies, Classical Studies or Archaeology?" Also provides access to a draft version of the Classics & Archaeology Virtual Museum Project, and an online journal, "Screenscape: Essays on Film by Students of the University of Melbourne."

University of New South Wales, Australia
Graduate and undergraduate program descriptions are provided, along with biographical info on faculty and staff. Includes "Artwrite," an online produced by students.

University of Queensland, Australia
Provides an overview of the department, course listings, graduate and undergraduate program descriptions, and a list of staff and their areas of interest. An introduction to the library and its resources is also included.

University of Rome, "La Sapienza", Italy
In English and Italian, provides a description of the program and history of the university. Also lists faculty, conferences, and application requirements. Includes an online journal "BTA - Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte."

University of Toronto, Canada
Undergraduate, MA, and PhD program requirements are included here, along with course descriptions and a list of faculty and their areas of interest. Also provided is info on the Ancient Studies Collaborative Program.


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