As published in
Diatom Research (2000).
Eunotia clevei
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Modern algal and moss epiphyte collections from a mineral spring in western Mongolia yielded many specimens of Eunotia cleveiGrunow exCleve, a large taxon widely reported but usually rare in many north temperate systems and fossil deposits. Taxonomy and frustular morphology of Eunotia cleveiwere studied with light and scanning electron microscopy. This taxon is characterized by its large size, two rimoportulae per valve, spinules on the dorsal and ventral margin, sternum on the valve face, distinct punctae, and epithemioid frustular symmetry. 


FIGS 1-5. Light micrographs of Eunotia clevei. Scale bar (Fig. 4) = 10 µm. 

FIGS 1-4. Size diminution series. 

FIG. 5. Girdle view showing lanceolate shape.