in Mongolia
The genus Batrachospermum(Batrachospermaceae, Rhodophyta) is represented in Mongolia by a single species, B. gelatinosum. Two collections made in July 1998 in Hovsgol aimag represent the first report of this species from western Mongolia and Hovsgol National Park, and only the second report of this taxon from Mongolia. Commonly reported as B. moniliformeRoth, the correct nomenclature for this red alga is B. gelatinosum (L.) De Candolle.

(Photography and plate by Dr. M. L. Vis)
FIG. 1. Location of collections of Batrachospermum gelatinosumin Mongolia.
1a. Mongolia. 1b. Lake Hovsgol.

FIGS 2-6. Morphological characteristics of the Batrachospermum gelatinosumplants in this study.

FIG. 2. Main axis composed of barrel-shaped whorls with exserted carposporophytes (arrowhead) and carposporophytes within the whorl (double arrowhead).
Scale bar = 100 Ám.

FIG. 3. Fascicles with spermatangia at the branch tips (arrowheads). Scale bar = 8 Ám.

FIG. 4. A fertilized carpogonium with an inflated ellipsoidal trichogyne (arrowhead) and a developing carposporophyte (double arrowhead). Scale bar = 8 Ám.

FIG. 5. Carpogonium with clavate trichogyne (double arrowhead) and apically attached spermatia (arrowhead). Scale bar = 8 Ám.

FIG. 6. Carposporophyte (arrowhead) with obovoid carposporangia (double arrowhead). Scale bar = 8 Ám.