Photoshop City of the Future Demo

This image is City_of_the_Future.jpg.

This image is bush.jpg.

This image is CityW2Friends.gif.

CityW2Friends.gif was built from City_of_the_Future.jpg and bush.jpg both of which were opened in Photoshop and saved and manipulated as Photoshop format (*.psd) files in order to use layering and other tools. The left Bush was cropped in bush.jpg and scaled, rotated, and added as a clipping group to City_of_the_Future.jpg which was then saved as CityW1Friend.psd. The right Bush was created from bush.jpg by eraser, then saved as bushErased.jpg and then added to CityW1Friend.psd, scaled, flipped, skewed, and added as a clipping group and then the result saved as CityW2Friends.psd. Since *.psd documents do not display in web browsers and take a lot of memory (meaning long download times), CityW2Friends.psd was exported in gif89a format as CityW2Friends.gif, the image shown immediately above.

In the 1930s, the era of the first fantasy image above, a real-life image of the city of the future was the Chrysler Building in New York City.

Here it is on the left as chrysler.jpg. This image was opened in Photoshop and exported as chrysler.gif which was then itself opened in Photoshop. The Wizard tool was used to select the blue area which was then recolored with a contrasting color and the file exported with that contrast color indexed for transparency as chryslerTransparent.gif. The result is shown on the right.

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