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Michigan Ice Carving Team

We focus on having fun, learning and working safely

We host our own events, work on commission for businesses and student orgs all over Ann Arbor

And we represent the University of Michigan at various competitions

We do some pretty big things on campus

The ice we work on is typically cut into blocks of 10x20x40 inches, weighing roughly 300 lbs.

And we usually carve with chisels, chainsaws, and flamethrowers.

First we come up with ideas of what to carve, then we sketch it out on paper, before finally making cuts in the ice.

We do many fun things as a group and have a flexible time commitment

We're all from different backgrounds and different fields of study, and we get well rewarded for our work.

And as a team on the rise, we have many leadership opportunities available to novice carvers.

Do you have what it takes to carve?

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