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SIMON SAYS Archive August 2002

August 31, 2002 "Comment"

Out of the blue, Simon referenced one of his daycare friends:
"Marley wears Mary Janes, but she calls them 'party shoes'."

August 26, 2002 "Good Question"

Having watched the Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" for the first time last night, Simon mused this morning:
"Why would someone turn a person into a clock? . . . I know, because when you saw the person, you could see how much he looks like a clock!"

August 24, 2002 "Paleontological epiphany"

"Dinosaurs don't live any more, so that's why they make all this dinosaur stuff."
Referring to his new computer game Dinosaur Adventure 3-D.

August 22, 2002 "Dreams"

Adrienne, one of the child-life therapists at the hospital, worked with Simon on an art project: a magic box that makes dreams come true.  Simon painted eagerly away when Adrienne asked him what his dreams were. He quickly responded with the following, which Adrienne turned into an art project herself: 

August 21, 2002 "Bread connoisseur"

"Grann, I think yours and Zingerman's is the best kind of bread I like!"

August 11, 2002 "Beyond 2"

Simon: "Mom, will you stay with me forever?"
Mary: "Yes, I will."
Simon: "No, you won't. Because when I get big someday you're going to die."
Mary: "Yes, that's true. But my love will be with you forever."

August 6, 2002 "Considerate"

Looking at a toy vehicle with a handicapped lift:
"I wish our buses had a thing like this. So people in a wheelchair can get in."

August 2, 2002 "Super"

Simon: "Mom, can you fly?"
Mary: "Yeah, in an airplane. Can you?"
Simon: Yeah, I'm a super guy. I'm SuperSimon."


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