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November 22, 2001 "Chinese Suits: Simon Picks Miriam Up"

Posted January 23, 2005

At Thanksgiving in 2001, Grann and Grandad (Ann and Norm Craig) gave all six grandchildren suits purchased on their recent trip to China. Margot and Nathan were in Canada, and Claudia and Eliza (and David and Jocelyn) were with us in Oberlin. We were also celebrating Norm's 70th birthday that month!

This short clip shows Claudia, Miriam and Simon being admired in their new clothes. The prominent voice in background is Grann/Ann. The headless male adults on the left of the screen are David and Norm, whose voice is also heard. The kids' dialogue is a little more difficult to get. It seems Miriam has complimented Simon on his new pyjamas, and he laughingly says, "These aren't PJ'S!" At the end of the clip, Simon offers to pick Miriam up in a big hug. They used to do this all the time, and it's so sweet to see the gesture captured on video.

Anyone who saw Simon during his last year of life in Salt Lake City will probably recognize his Chinese suit. It still fit him (with the sleeves rolled down), and he wore it to church, to school, and around the house. He even wore it to his classmate Madeline Kochoki's Asian-themed birthday party in May 2004.

Chinese Suits: Simon Picks Miriam Up (2.1 MB Quicktime movie, 1.5 minutes)
You may want to turn up the volume on your speakers to hear the audio in the clip.

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Chinese Suit

This picture shows Simon in the suit on February 3, 2004. He's building a new Bionicle (the Toa of Light--a very big deal at the time). You can also see a small bottle on the table that is dispensing an IV antibiotic as a precaution during post-chemo fever/neutropenia.

Chinese Suit Miriam

Miriam could also wear her Chinese suit last Winter. Here she is on February 4, 2004.

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