About the Trips

For 8 days, students travel to Central America and volunteer in a free health and dental clinic. Students observe physicians and dentists who will diagnose patients, prescribe medicine, complete procedures. In addition, you can expect to work at a pharmacy station, all under medical supervision. The trip is centered on student learning; students strengthen their clinical skills, create an international network, and expand their medical knowledge by collaborating with the medical staff and by interacting with their patients. You can expect at least 4 clinic days in urban and rural areas within the country.

Throughout the trip, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and interpreters are always supervising, teaching, and assisting. In addition, students go to a new site each day to maximally serve areas that are medically deprived. At the end of the day, group essions are held to debrief students and to discuss specific cases. There are currently three programs: premed, predent, and prepharm. For details of each program, please see below.

Experience Culture

The trip also integrates guided recreational days to expose students to an array of different cultures, nightlife, and beautiful scenery. Students may participate in ecotourism by visiting volcanoes and waterfalls, white water rafting, ziplining through rain forests, or visiting animal sanctuaries.


In teams of 2 - 4 individuals, students practice their skills in patient assessment, taking patient histories, and watching doctors diagnose and treat patients. Student performances are always under direct medical supervision and assistance, so that all diagnoses and prescribed medicine are ultimately the physician’s responsibility. Students also have the opportunity to teach their patients basic health education.


Students work with dentists to learn how to use dentistry instruments and observe teeth cleaning and extractions! All student performances are under direct dental supervision. Students do NOT perform any of the cleaning and extractions— all are done by the dentist. Students also have the opportunity to teach their patients about the importance of dental care and how to brush and floss their teeth properly.


Students volunteer at a pharmacy station and prepare the patient's prescribed medicine under direct pharmacist supervision. Students also learn how to read prescriptions Spanish, give directions in Spanish, and learn about the different drugs that are currently on the market.


1. Be an active member by fulfilling membership requirements

2. Have proper documentation(s) to fly internationally

3. Attend all trip workshops held during second semester


Registration for the spring trip will be available soon!