Cosmology After Planck Workshop

September 23-25, 2013
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340 West Hall

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Central Campus  
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Workshop Program: CAP2013Schedule.pdf

Monday, September 23rd, 2013
9:40 AM Freese Science Kick Off
9:55 AM Burgess Post-Planck, Naturally
10:20 AM Peloso Signatures of vector fields during inflamation
11:15 AM Khoury Status of alternatives to inflation after Planck
11:40 AM Olive No-scale supergravity and Inflation after Planck
12:05 PM Watson The Post-Inflationary Universe After Planck and BBN
2:00 PM Hanson Measurements of B-mode polarization with SPTpol
2:35 PM Fraisse Planck and SPIDER
3:10 PM Keating CMB Polarization and Fundemental Physics: Results from BICEP and POLARBEAR
4:10 PM Loverde Super cosmic variance
4:35 PM Shandera Cosmic Variance from Mode Coupling
5:00 PM Sorbo Chiral, nongaussian tensor modes from particle production during inflation
5:25 PM Ashoorioon Reconsiliation of high energy scale models of inflation with Planck
Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
9:30 AM Afshordi Out of the White Hole: A Holographic Origin for the Big Bang
9:55 AM D'Amico Unwinding Inflation
10:50 AM Senatore The Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures
11:15 AM Pajer Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures
11:40 AM Geshnizjani Can higher derivative corrections to action explain early accelerated expansion?
12:05 PM Mersini-Houghton Birth of the Universe from the Landscape Multiverse PostPlanck
2:15 PM Flauger Planck Revisited
2:50 PM Starkman CMB anomalies
3:15 PM Kaloper Sequestering the Standard Model Vacuum Energy
4:20 PM McMahon ACTPol
4:45 PM Benson The South Pole Telescope
5:10 PM Marriage The Cosmology Large Angular Scale Surveyor
5:35 PM Grin Variation in the Cosmic Baryon Fraction and the CMB
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
9:30 AM Wyman Chromo-Natural Inflation
9:55 AM Dvorkin Probing Dark Matter with the CMB and Large-Scale Structure
10:50 AM Agarwal Probing the initial conditions of the Universe using large scale structure
11:15 AM Wu Galaxies are not necessarily test particles
11:40 AM Ferraro Forecasting Multi-Field Inflation: what halo bias can tell us
12:05 PM Miranda Sharp features in non-canonical field models of inflation
2:00 PM Rindler-Daller Cosmological Constraints on Scalar-Field Dark Matter after PLANCK
2:25 PM Su Non-linear Boltzmann Equation for the CMB
2:50 PM Lopez Inflationary gravity waves with Advanced LIGO
3:00 PM Albrecht New results on probability and measures for eternal inflation