1st International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors:
Theory, Simulation, and Experiment

July 14 – 16, 2010

Registration Deadline: May 14, 2010

Workshop organized by The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics and Materials World Network on III-V Bismide Materials for IR and Mid IR Semiconductors sponsored by the National Science Foundation

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Workshop Venue:
Palmer Commons

Lecture Hall: Forum Hall (4th floor)

University of Michigan
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Talk Requirements: 15 min. + 5 min. for Contributed Talks and 35 min. + 5 min. for Invited Talks (extra 5 minutes are for questions)

Tuesday, July 13th
6:00-9:00pm Welcoming Reception
(Apse Room, University of Michigan Museum of Art)
Wednesday, July 14th
8:00-8:30am Registration and Breakfast (Atrium 4)
8:30-8:40am Opening Remarks
Joanna Millunchick and Shane Johnson (Workshop Organizers)
I – Material Growth
8:40-9:20am Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth of GaAs1-xBix Alloys with High Bi Concentrations (invited)
Tom Tiedje (University of Victoria)
9:20-10:00am Present status and future prospects of Bi-containing semiconductors (invited)
Masahiro Yoshimoto and Kunishge Oe (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
10:00-10:20am COFFEE BREAK (Atrium 4)
10:20-11:00am Growth, incorporation and properties of GaAsBi grown by molecular-beam epitaxy (invited)
Aaron Ptak (National Renewable Energy Lab) 
11:00-11:20am Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GaNBi alloys
Sergey V. Novikov (University of Nottingham); C.T. Foxon, K.M. Yu, W. Walukiewicz
11:20-11:40am Morphological Growth Instabilities on GaAsBi/GaAs(001)
Faebian Bastiman (University of Sheffield)
11:40-1:00pm LUNCH PROVIDED - Zingermann’s Deli
(Great Lakes North, Great Lakes South and Outdoor Plaza)
II – Surface Investigations
1:00-1:40pm Unusual Bi-induced surfaces of III-V semiconductors (invited)
Pekka Laukkanen (University of Turku); M. P. J. Punkkinen, M. Ahola-Tuomi, M. Kuzmin, J. Lång, J. Sadowski, J. Adell, K. Schulte, R. E. Perälä, K. Kokko, L. Vitos, B. Johansson, M. Pessa, M. Guina, I. J. Väyrynen

Surface reconstructions during MBE growth of GaAs with Bi

M. Masnadi Shirazi ((University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC); R.B. Lewis, D.A. Beaton, T. Tiedje

2:00-2:20pm The atomic surface structure of Bi-terminated GaAs(001) grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Adam Duzik and J. Mirecki Millunchick (University of Michigan)
2:20-2:40pm Bismuth-induced structures on GaAs(100) surface in the As-rich conditions
 Jouko J. K. Lang (University of Turku); P. Laukkanen, M. P. J. Punkkinen, M. Kuzmin, V. Tuominen, M. Pessa, M. Guina, I. J. Väyrynen, K. Kokko, B. Johansson, L. Vitos
2:40-3:00pm Ab initio and scanning tunneling microscopy study of indium-terminated GaAs(100) surface: an indium-induced surface reconstruction change in the c(8×2) structure
Jouko J. K. Lang (University of Turku); M. P. J. Punkkinen, P. Laukkanen, M. Kuzmin, V. Tuominen, M. Pessa, M. Guina, I. J. Väyrynen, K. Kokko, B. Johansson, L. Vitos 
3:00-3:20pm COFFEE BREAK (Atrium 4)
III – Structural Properties
3:20-4:00pm Structural analysis of Bi-containing III/V-compound semiconductors and heterostructures (invited)
Kerstin Volz (Philipps University Marburg)
4:00-4:20pm Structural investigation of GaAsBi nanostructures by Synchrotron Radiation techniques
Gianluca Ciatto (Synchrotron SOLEIL Saint-Aubin); Xianfeng Lu, Erin Young, Frank Glas, Tom Tiedje 
4:20-4:40pm Determination of Bi positions in GaAs1-xBix heterostructures with atomic column resolution
David Sales (University of Cádiz); J. F. Rodrigo, E. Guerrero, A. Yáñez, P. L. Galindo, M. Henini, M. Shafi, S. V. Novikov, M. F. Chisholm, S. I. Molina
4:40-5:00pm Structural and Optical Studies of GaBixAs1-x Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on (311)B and (001) GaAs Substrates, IV – Optical Properties 
Mohamed Henini (University of Nottingham)
Thursday, July 15th
8:00-8:20am Breakfast (Atrium 4)
IV - Optical Properties
8:20-8:40am Microscopic Modeling of Bi containing GaAs based quantum wells
Stephan Koch (Philipps University Marburg)
8:40-9:00am Clustering Effects in Ga(AsBi)
Sebastian Imhof (Technische Universität Chemnitz); A. Thränhardt, A. Chernikov, N. S. Köster, K. Kolata, M. Koch, S. Chatterjee, S. W. Koch, X. Lu, S. R. Johnson, D. A. Beaton, T. Tiedje, and O. Rubel
9:00-9:20am Photomodulated Reflectance Spectroscopy of GaAsBi/GaAs layers grown by MBE
Zahida Batool (University of Surrey)
9:20-9:40am Photoluminescence Study of GaAsBi Quantum Wells Grown on GaAs
Shane Johnson (Arizona State University); C. Gogineni, N. A. Riordan, X. Lu, D. Ding, Y.-H. Zhang, T. Tiedje
9:40-10:00am Photoluminescence Investigation of bulk GaAsBi on GaAs
Abdul Rahman Bin Mohmad (University of Sheffield)
10:00-10:20am COFFEE BREAK (Atrium 4)
V – Applications
10:20-11:00am GaBiAs epitaxial layers for terahertz optoelectronic applications (invited)
Arunas Krotkus (Center for Physical Sciences & Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania)
11:00-11:20am The nature of terahertz emission from GaAsBi
Roger Lewis (University of Wollongong)
11:20-11:40am Auger and optical loss suppression in near- and mid-IR emitters based upon Bismide alloys
Stephen Sweeney (University of Surrey)
11:40-12:00pm Prospects for Dilute Bismuthides for Thermoelectric Applications
Joshua Zide, P. B. Dongmo, J. P. Petropoulos, Y. J. Zhong (University of Delaware)
12:00-1:20pm LUNCH PROVIDED – Glass House Catering
(Atrium 6, Boardrooms, and Outdoor Plaza)
1:30pm Canoe excursion and BBQ at Gallup Park
(bus leaves promptly at 1:45pm from Bell Tower Hotel)
Friday, July 16th
8:00-8:20am Breakfast (Atrium 4)
VI – Electronic Properties (I)
8:20-9:00am Band anticrossing in III-Bi-V alloys (invited)
Wladek Walukiewicz (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
9:00-9:40am Theory of the electronic structure of dilute bismide alloys (invited)
Eoin O'Reilly and Andrew Lindsay (Tyndall National Institute)

Calculation of miniband structure in strain-balanced type-II GaAsBi/GaAsN superlattices

Jinyoung Hwang (University of Michigan); Jamie Phillips
10:00-10:20am COFFEE BREAK (Atrium 4)
10:20-11:00am Electronic Structure of Dilute Bismide Alloys (invited)
Angelo Mascarenhas (National Renewable Energy Lab)

Effective Masses in Dilute Nitride Bismide Semiconductor Alloys: Failure of the Band Anti-Crossing Model?

Rachel Goldman (University of Michigan); Tassilo Dannecker, Yu Jin,
Hailing Cheng, Charlie F. Gorman, John Buckeridge, Ctirad Uher, Stephen Fahy, Cagliyan Kurdak

11:20-11:40am Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Measurements of GaAsBi/GaAs Heterostructures

Patricia Mooney (Simon Fraser University); Zenan Jiang, D. A Beaton, R. B. Lewis, I. Koslow, X. D. Chen, A. Basile, T. Tiedje

11:40-12:00pm Temperature Dependence of the Hole Mobility in GaAsBi

Daniel Beaton, R.B. Lewis, M. Masnadi-Shirazi, T. Tiedje (University of British Columbia)

12:00-1:00pm LUNCH PROVIDED – Glass House Catering
(Great Lakes Central and Outdoor Plaza)

Unusual compositional dependence of the exciton reduced mass in GaAsBi (invited)

Antonio Polimeni (Sapienza Universita' di Roma)

1:40-2:00pm Experimental and theoretical investigations of the electronic structure, first and second order optical susceptibilities of BiB3O6 single crystal
Ali H. Reshak (South Bohemia University, Czech Republic)
2:00-2:20pm COFFEE BREAK (Atrium 4)
2:30-4:30pm LAB TOURS


Workshop Organizers:
Joanna Millunchick

University of Michigan

Shane Johnson
Arizona State University

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Workshop Secretary:
Angela Milliken
University of Michigan
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