Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics presents
The LHC and Dark Matter Workshop
January 6-10, 2009

LECTURE HALL: 340 West Hall
University of Michigan Central Campus
1085 S. University Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48109


Scientific Program

Click here for a PDF version: LHC and Dark Matter Program

Time Tuesday, January 6th
10:55am Gordon Kane (University of Michigan) - Welcoming Comments
11:00-11:30am Giora Mikenberg (Weizmann Institute/CERN)
"ATLAS detector status and commissioning"
11:30-12:00pm James Pivarski (Texas A&M University)
"Early Discovery Channels in CMS"
2:00-2:30pm Paolo Gondolo (University of Utah)
"LHC, Dark Matter, and Non-Standard Cosmologies"
2:30-:300pm Howard Baer (University of Oklahoma)
"Mixed Axion/Axino Dark Matter in Yukawa-Unified Models, and Prospects for LHC"
3:30-4:00pm Neal Weiner (New York University)
4:00-4:30pm Lian-Tao Wang (Princeton)
"Non-abelian Dark Sectors and their Collider Signatures"

PAMELA Collaboration  - Mirko Boezio (University of Trieste)

  "Indirect Detection of Dark Matter with PAMELA"
Time Wednesday, January 7th
11:00-11:30am Paolo Rumerio (University of Maryland) - CMS
"Status of CMS Experiement"
11:30-12:00pm Jesse Thaler (University of California, Berkeley)
"Dark Matter through the Axion Portal"
2:00-2:30pm Dan Phalen (University of Michigan)
"PAMELA from Dark Matter Annihilations to Vector Leptons"
2:30-:300pm Teruki Kamon (Texas A&M)
"Probing Supersymmetric Cosmology at the LHC"
3:00-3:30pm Tommaso Lari (CERN) - ATLAS
"Exclusive searches"
Time Thursday, Janaury 8th
11:00-11:30am Scott Watson (University of Michigan
"LHC as a Probe on the Cosmological Origin of Dark Matter"
11:30-12:00pm Gordon Kane (University of Michigan)   
"Is the PAMELA Positron Excess Winos?"
2:00-2:30pm George Redlinger (Brookhaven National Laboratory) - ATLAS
"Inclusive Searches. How Can We Discover SUSY in 2009?"
2:30-:300pm Anwar Bhatti (Rockerfeller University) - CMS
"Searches for SUSY in all-hadronic and lepton+jets+MET Final States"
3:30-4:00pm Joakim Edsjo (Stockholm University)
"Indirect Searches for Dark Matter and their Uncertainties"
4:00-4:30pm James Lamb (University of California, Santa Barbara) - CMS
"Data Driven Methods to Estimate the Vector Boson + Jets Background to New Phenomena Searches Involving Missing Energy at CMS"
4:30-5:15pm Fermi/GLAST - Aldo Morselli (University of Rome)
  "Search for Dark Matter in the Fermi era"
Time Friday, January 9th
10:30am Kathryn Zurek (FNAL)
"Multi-Component Dark Matter and the ATIC/PAMELA Signals"
11:00-11:30am Spencer Chang (University of California - Davis)
"Inelastic Dark Matter and DAMA"
11:30-12:00pm Brent Nelson (Northeastern University)
"How Can Dark Matter Observations Help Solve the LHC Inverse Problem?"
2:00-2:30pm Oliver Gutsche (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) - CMS
"Dilepton Final States Studeies at CMS: From SM to New Physics"
2:30-:300pm Partha Konar (University of Florida)
"\sqrt{s}_min: A Global Inclusive Variable for Determining the Mass Scale of New Physics at LHC"
3:30-4:00pm Hideki Okawa (Tokyo) - ATLAS
 "Determination of background from W/Z and top. What do we need to find SUSY?"
4:00-4:30pm Richard Teuscher (IPP and University of Toronto) - ATLAS
 "Determination of background from QCD. What do we need to find SUSY?"
4:30-5:00pm David Morrissey (Harvard University)
  "Candidates for Inelastic Dark Matter"
Time Saturday, Janaury 10th
11:00-11:30am Brooks Thomas (University of Arizona)
"Collider Signatures of Inert Doublet Dark Matter"
11:30-12:00pm Chris Savage (University of Minnesota - FTPI)
12-12:30pm Itay Yavin (Princeton)
"Light-Dark States at the LHC"
12:30pm Workshop concludes



Questions?  Please contact the workshop secretary at mctp@umich.edu