The NSCL at Michigan State University, The University of Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics and FOCUS present:

Workshop on Atomic Physics with Rare Atoms

June 1-3, 2009
340 West Hall
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Michigan

Scientific Program
(PDF version of program)

Monday, June 1st:
9:00 am                Registration and informal gathering
10:30 am               Coffee Break (337 West Hall)
11:00 am               Lab tours (G. Raithel, A. Leanhardt, W. Lorenzon, T. Chupp)
12:00 pm               Lunch (on your own)
2:00 pm                Welcoming Remarks
                             T. Chupp, G. Raithel, G. Kane, and C. Gelbke

Topic: Laser Spectroscopy and Nuclear Radii       
Session Chair: T. Chupp
2:30 pm                Gordon Drake (University of Windsor)
                             “Sizing Halo Nuclei with Isotope Shifts”
3:00 pm                Peter Mueller (Argonne National Laboratory)
                            “Laser Trapping and Probing of Exotic Helium Isotopes”
4:00 pm                Wilfried Nörtershäuser (Mainz)
                             “Extending Collinear Laser Spectroscopy Towards the Lightest Elements: The Nuclear Charge Radius of the One-Neutron Halo Isotope Be-11”        
4:30 pm                Jonathan Billowes (University of Manchester)
                             “Laser Spectroscopy of Radioactive Atoms using an RFQ Ion Cooler/Trap”
5:00 pm                Iain Moore (University of JYVÄSKYLÄ)
                             “Towards the Study of Heavy Elements at IGISOL with Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy”
5:30-5:45 pm        Charles Cowley (University of Michigan)
                             “Rare Isotopes Detected in Stellar Spectra”
Tuesday, June 2nd:
Topic: Ion Traps, Storage Rings, Antihydrogen
Session Chair: G. Bollen
9:00 am                Michael Block (GSI)
                             “Prospects for Mass Measurements of Super-Heavy Elements with Penning Traps”                     
9:30 am                Ryan Ringle (NSCL/TRIUMF)
                             “Atomic Physics Techniques Employed at TITA”
10:30 am               Coffee Break (337 West Hall)
11:00 am              Makoto Fujiwara (TRIUMF)
                             “Towards Fundamental Symmetries Test with ALPHA Antihydrogen Experiment”
11:30 am              Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard University)
                             “Low Energy Investigations of Fundamental Symmetries with Trapped Particles, Antihydrogen and Molecules”
12:30 pm              Catered Lunch in 337 and 335 West Hall

Topic: Atom Traps, applications
Session Chair: P. Mantica
2:00 pm                John Behr (TRIUMF)
                             “Decay Experiments with Atom Traps”
2:30 pm                Melissa Jerkins (Raizen Lab at University of Texas at Austin)
                             “Using Cold Atoms to Measure Neutrino Mass”
3:00 pm                Klaus Jungmann (KVI, University of Groningen)
                             “Physics at the TRImP Facility of KVI”
3:30 pm                 Coffee Break (337 West Hall)
4:00 pm                William Williams (Argonne National Laboratory)
                             “Atom Trap Trace Analysis with Kr/Ar”
4:30 pm                Dan Melconian (Texas A&M University/Cyclotron Institute)
                             “The Cylcotron Institute Upgrade at Texas A&M”
6:30-10 pm           Workshop Dinner Party at the UM Museum of Art (Apse Room)

Wednesday, June 3rd:
Topic: Parity, anapole moments
Session Chair: J. Behr
9:00 am               Luis Orozco (University of Maryland)
                             “Anapole Moment Measurement in Fr”
9:30 am                Gerald Gwinner (University of Manitoba)
                            Towards an Optical Parity Violation Experiment in Francium”
10:30 am               Coffee Break (337 West Hall)
11:00 am              Nicholas Stone (Oxford University & University of Tennessee)
                             “G-Factor Measurements by Recoil-in-Vacuum Method: A Priori Calculation of the Hyperfine Interaction in Highly Stripped Atoms”
11:30 am              Philip Levy (TRIUMF)
                             “Polarized Rare Isotope Beams”
12:00 pm              Matthew Pearson (TRIUMF)
                              “Nuclear Moment Measurements”
12:30 pm              Catered Lunch in 337 and 335 West Hall
Topic: EDM’s, FRIB discussion 
Session Chair: Z.-T. Lu                   
2:00 pm                Clark Griffith (NIST, Boulder)
                             “New Limit on the Hg EDM”
2:30 pm                Aaron Leanhardt (University of Michigan)
                             “Molecular EDM – WC”
3:00 pm                William Trimble (Argonne National Laboratory)
                             “Progress on the Search for EDM in Ra-225”
3:30 pm                Eric Tardiff (TRIUMF)
                             “The RadonEDM Experiment”
4:00 pm                Gordy Kane (University of Michigan)
                             “Theoretical Perspectives on EDM Limits”
4:15 pm                Coffee Break (337 West Hall)
4:45 pm                Bradley Sherrill (Michigan State University)
                             Discussion Leader on Physics and Atomic Physics at FRIB
6:00 pm                Workshop Concludes